2008 Stagecoach Round up Email

Jan 17, 2008

Congratulations to all 2008 Stagecoach Riders !

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  4th Annual Stagecoach Century
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Dear Sturdy Riders,

The 2008 Stagecoach Century is now safely in the books.  We're happy to report there were 722 registered riders from 16 states, including Larry Hayes who travelled all the way from from the tropical January weather in Sioux Falls, SD!
We hope you enjoyed your 2008 kick off century.  What a dramatic about-face from last year.  Mother Nature truly smiled on us Saturday and delivered mild and sunny conditions all along the Great Southern Overland, with afternoon temps into the 70's with low winds.  Yet, many asked "Where was the tailwind on the return ride?"  Mother Nature likes to keep her bag of tricks close-by in the desert.  

Some riders, like Karen Finkelstein and Courtney Krehbiel, were definitely due nice conditions at Stagecoach.  They braved the winds of 2006 (the Bad), the frigid cold of 2007 (the Ugly),  and were finally rewarded with glorious weather in 2008 (the GOOD).  We should add the inaugural Stagecoach in 2005 had very similar conditions to 2008.

Many riders have sent complimentary and constructive emails praising the outstanding work of our loyal and hard working volunteers and offered suggestions for improvement.  We have passed these comments along to the appropriate individuals.  We can assure you, the volunteers enjoyed being a part of your ride experience and they take great pride and satisfaction in exceeding your expectations.

Our Congratulations go out to Team Descenders, the 40+ Open TTT team that blazed to an overall course win and course record of 5:21:00.  Team captain, Mike Hodges, 41, Dave Voris, 45, Dave Guidotti, 46, and Eric Rehberg, 41, all from San Diego, CA, secured a solid and unopposed victory.  They're already planning an even faster performance at the Spring Stagecoach and encourage all comers to come and test their mettle.

We also Congratulate the 249 full century finishers currently listed on the Stagecoach websiteDJ Mark Hanson took down names and Bib #'s of full century finishers at the start/finish.  If we missed you, please send a short email to Jim with your Name and Bib # in the subject line.  We'll update the list until we've got everyone  who earned their full century finish.

As many Shadow Tour veteran riders are aware, desert cycling is always tricky.  That gentle 5 MPH headwind on the return ride reminded riders of just how narrow the margin is out on the course.

Despite the overall excellent conditions, all riders who completed the full 100 miles earned their Century finish and should be justifiably proud.  Riding this course in January, on a modest mileage base, is a good indicator that you're on the glidepath for an outstanding season of riding.

Many newcomers to distance cycling successfully completed their first full century on Saturday.  Well done!  Larry and I encourage you to participate in many more century rides as your riding base, experience, and confidence build.

Our good friends at Brightroom Photography are hard at work right now matching your on course photos, shot by Matt Benedict and his crew, to your Bib #'s.  Because so many riders placed their bike plate number on the front of their bicycle, rider identification will be much improved over past years.   When Brightroom has completed their compilation, they will let all riders know by email.  Here's a direct link to the 2008 Stagecoach Century on Brightroom's website.

Finally, to all riders, from first-timer to loyal Shadow Tour veteran, our personal invitation to join us for future events has no expiration date.  Next up, the good folks in Ocotillo, Shelter Valley, and at Shadow Tour are preparing for you again this Spring for an entirely different and unique version of the Stagecoach Century.  We hope you'll join us!

Most Respectfully,

Jim and Larry   

2008 Joe Estey shows his 2006 Stageoach Jersey

                                   2008 Winter Stagecoach Century
                             Joe Estey shows his 2006 Stagecoach Jersey