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2011 PALM DESERT CENTURY, Saturday, November 12, 2011

Palm Desert // Chiriaco Summit // Palm Desert, California, USA

and THANKS for joining the Inaugural 2011 Palm Desert Century. These important instructions will help insure your safety and comfort.  The Palm Desert Century rolls rain or shine. Please add to your pre-ride checklist a visit to the website for any last-minute changes.


1.    Safety:  First & foremost, SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT!  Everyone at the event must be Alert and Focused at all times.  This is a “RULES OF THE ROAD” event, meaning riders must comply with all Traffic Laws, including stopping at Red Light Signals and Stop Signs.  Police will issue tickets to riders disregarding Traffic Laws.  Riders failing to heed Stop Lights and Signs will be disqualified from the Time Trial and will not receive credit for completing the Full Century.  

2.    Packet Pick up/Registration:  Riders may pick up rider packets, or register in person, on Friday, Nov 11, at University Park (Start/Finish) from Noon to 8:00 P.M, or on Saturday, Nov 12 from 5:45 to 8:00 A.M.  Address:  74-902 College Dr, Palm Desert, CA  92211 (map it). Riders may pick up friends’ packets with written permission (i.e. a printed email).  To speed Sat pick-up, please check the Rider’s List for your Bib # and arrive with full water bottles.

3.    Parking:  Volunteers/signs will guide riders to designated parking areas near the Start/Finish in University Park on Sat, 1st Come, 1st Served. Overflow parking is across Cook St in the CSUSB Campus Parking Lot “B” ONLY! Recommend Carpooling.  Heed “No Event Parking” signs.  Be courteous to local businesses (i.e. don’t park in the Carl’s Jr spaces).  Lots open at 5:30 A.M. 

4.    Jerseys/T-shirts:  Riders who purchased a jersey on or before Sep 15, ‘11 will receive them at packet pick up.  Jerseys purchased after Sep 15 will be in the 2nd production run to be mailed in Jan ‘12.  T-shirts will be at packet pick up for riders who purchased them.

5.    Bike Inspection:  Riders must individually insure their bicycle is mechanically sound and equipped with fully serviceable brakes, wheels, and tires.  WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE every rider get a professional tune-up and safety inspection prior to the ride.  Replace questionable components, especially tires.  The desert is no place for worn-out tires!

6.    Bib Numbers:  Bib numbers (aka, helmet numbers) are assigned to each rider and posted on the shadowtour.com website under “Rider Lists”.  Please locate your Bib # before entering the line at packet pick up.  A cross-referenced Alphabetical Rider Roster will also be posted.  

7.    Wristbands:  Please loosely affix your enclosed wristband(s) to either wrist.

      Gold:  Full Century w/Time Trial pass to all Rest Stops (marked at turnaround point).
     Silver:  Full Century Only pass to all Rest Stops (marked at turnaround point).
      Yellow:  Short Course pass to all Rest Stops (will not be marked). 
     Red/White/Blue Flag:  Lunch location at turnaround (50-mile point).
      Checkered Flag:  Lunch location at Start/Finish in Palm Desert.
     Stars:  Optional post-ride meal at Start/Finish in Palm Desert.


8.    Start Times:  The event Start Window for all distances is 7:00 – 8:00 A.M, using waves of about 50 riders, at 2-3 minute intervals.  We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that all Full Century riders DEPART AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.  Lunches will be available beginning at 10:00 A.M, in Palm Desert and the 50-mile turnaround.  Plan your ride accordingly.

Mechanic Support:  Mechanic support will be at the Start/Finish on Sat morning. At 8:00 A.M. SAG vehicles/mechanics will roam the course.  Please pay mechanics for parts they replace. 

Full Century:  Full Course Riders must have wristbands validated at the turnaround (T/A) and need to check in at the Finish Line to record successful completion.  Names & Cities of Full Century Finishers will be posted on the website.  Time Trial Riders must turn in Timing Chips at the 50-mile T/A.  Short Course riders are not eligible for the Full Century List. 

Helmets/Safety:  Riders must wear a serviceable Snell-approved helmet while riding.  Ride on the far right side of the road, single file.  Never gesture at, or harass, vehicles.

Red Zones:  In designated RED ZONES (potentially hazardous areas) use EXTRA CAUTIONIn Red Zones, reduce your speed to a max of 20 MPH and stay as far to the right as safely possible.  Red Zones are the Ave 52 Traffic Circle, at miles 12 & 88, and Box Canyon Rd, miles 35-65.  Red Zones apply in both directions and are marked with signs and have Police/CHP support. Use extra care at Left Turns, especially at Ave 42 on the return ride to Palm Desert. Riders must stay alert and protect themselves AT ALL TIMES!

Gear Drop:  Vol’s in Palm Desert will accept rider gear bags for storage on Sat A.M. in the Start/Finish area.  Don’t leave valuables, as we cannot guarantee security.  This service is primarily for riders wishing to leave rider goodie bags for pick up after the ride and for outer layers of warm clothing worn just prior to the start.  An additional gear drop is located at Rest Stop #1 until 10:00 A.M.  These bags will be returned to Palm Desert at 10:30 A.M. and stored at the Start/Finish.  Gear bags are marked and sorted by Bib #.  Remember to pick up gear bags! Unclaimed gear bags will be returned at rider’s expense ($7).

Weather:  Forecasts will be posted on the Shadow Tour website as the event nears.  Expect a cool morning, warming to 70-75F, with winds developing in the P.M. Recommend lightweight arm warmers + base layer.  Expect headwinds in the P.M. returning to Palm Desert!

15. Timeline and Time Cut-offs (Sat):

    5:30 A.M.              Event Parking Lots Open.  Please time your arrival accordingly.
    5:45 - 8:00 A.M.  
Registration/Packet Pick-up in Palm Desert University Park (Start/Finish)

    7:00 - 8:00 A.M.  Wave starts of approximately 50 riders at 2-3 minute intervals
    10:00-1:15 P.M.   Lunch open at 50-mile turnaround for riders opting for lunch at turnaround
    10:00-5:00 P.M.  Lunch open at Start/Finish for riders opting for lunch in Palm Desert
    1:00-5:00 P.M.     Optional Post-ride Pasta Meal at Start/Finish
    11:45 A.M.            Intersection at 66th Ave & Hwy 111 (Grapefruit) closes to eastbound riders 
                  Box Cyn closes to eastbound riders at RS #3, mile 35. No Exceptions!       
    1:00 P.M.               Mandatory turnaround, all riders must be returning to Palm Desert
    1:15 P.M.
            Rest Stop #4, turnaround point, mile 50, on Chiriaco Summit, closes
    2:15 P.M.            Rest Stop #3/5, Box Canyon, mile 35/65 , closes
    3:00 P.M.               Rest Stop #2/6, Desert Mirage High School, mile 25/75, closes
    4:00 P.M.               Rest Stop #1/7, Westside Elementary School, mile 16/84, closes

    5:00 P.M.               Course closes.  All riders must be off the bike course.
    6:00 P.M.            CSUSB Campus Parking Lot “B” Closes.  All event vehicles must be moved.


Routes:  This is an out-and-back course.  The course is designed to allow the following distances with full support. Permit restrictions preclude riders from turning around at the Ave 52 Traffic Circle.  Riders must flow only North & South on Jefferson through the Traffic Circle.

    20 mile course:   To Ave 48 turnaround, and back to Palm Desert (Mini Rest Stop @ mi 6 & 14)

    32 mile course:   To Rest Stop #1, Westside Elementary School, and back to Palm Desert

    50 mile course:   To Rest Stop #2, Desert Mirage High School, and back to Palm Desert

    60 mile course:   To 66th Ave/Hwy 11 (Grapefruit) intersection, and back to Palm Desert

    70 mile course:   To Rest Stop #3, on Box Cyn Rd, and back to Palm Desert

    100 mile course: To turnaround point, Chiriaco Summit, mile 50, and back to Palm Desert


17. Rest Stops:  Four static Rest Stops support riders in both directions and provide 7 chances to re-hydrate, carb-up, and get course info.  All Rest Stops have portajohns--use them--not the bushes!  Use extra caution riding in Rest Stop areas.  Announce “Stopping!” to avoid rear-end crashes.  Move bicycles completely off the road.  To limit vehicles, promote safety, and comply with Permit restrictions, outside support from friends & family in vehicles is not permitted anywhere on the course.  Visit FAQ’s for more Rest Stop details.


     Rest Stop #1/7 (7:30–4:00 P.M.):  Westside Elementary (mile 16), also Rest Stop 7 (mile 84)

     Rest Stop #2/6 (8:00–3:00 P.M.):  Desert Mirage H.S. (mile 25), also Rest Stop 6 (mile 75)

     Rest Stop #3/5 (8:30–2:15 P.M.):  Box Canyon Rd (mile 35), also Rest Stop 5 (mile 65)

     Rest Stop #4/Lunch (9:30–1:15 P.M.):   Turnaround point, Chiriaco Summit (mile 50)

18. Route Markings/Cue Sheets:  Yellow arrows/signs, traffic cones, Police, CHP, and volunteers will guide you.  All riders are given a map. Cue sheets are available at packet pick-up.

Share the Road:  Vehicular traffic varies widely.  There will be local traffic and out-of-town visitors, RVs, and vehicles pulling trailers.  Ride single file at all times and stay alert for passing vehicles. In groups, announce “Car back!” and give extra room, if safely possible.  Use extra caution at the Traffic Circle and on Box Cyn Rd (up & down); come to a complete stop at all Red signals and Stop Signs. Ride to the right of the white line at all times when safe to do so.  Keep your cool if vehicles honk/behave aggressively.  Inform Police Officers of unsafe drivers.  Please assist other PDC riders, if they need it! 

Stores:  There are stores/gas stations near Mecca, miles 27-31, which are open if you want sodas, V-8, or items not at Rest Stops (bring cash).  All event Rest Stops are well-stocked.   

Floor Pumps/First Aid Kits:  Available at the Start, each Rest Stop, and the Lunch Stop. 

SAG Support:  SAG vehicles will be roaming the course marked with orange magnetic signs. Flag them down if you have a mechanical problem, need water, or need other assistance. 

Included Lunch:  All riders receive an included Subway sandwich lunch.  Wristbands reflect each rider’s choice for lunch location:  The 50-mile turnaround point (Flag wristband), or the Start/Finish in Palm Desert (Checked wristband).  Lunch at the turnaround runs from 10:00 A.M. to 1:15 P.M. Lunch in Palm Desert runs from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.  Please plan your ride start and finish times accordingly. Wristbands are removed after riders receive their lunch. 

Optional Post-ride Pasta Meal:  Roc’s Firehouse Grille is catering an optional post-ride pasta meal, 1:00 to 5:00 P.M. Cost: $15 in advance; and $18 on Sat (subject to availability). 

Trash:  Please keep all your on-route trash (especially Clif Bar wrappers, gel packets, and banana peels).  Use trash bags located at all Rest Stops, the Lunch Stop, and the Start/Finish. 

Ride Momentos:  A limited quantity of jerseys, t-shirts, and caps will be for sale after the ride in the Start/Finish area.  Paid riders receive a Custom Pin and Custom Finisher Medal.

27. Course Marshals:  Course Marshals are identified by Yellow Vests. Most volunteers are trained only with their station’s operation.  For higher level support, ask for a Course Marshal. 

Ride Photos:  SportActionPhotos.com is providing event photography services. They post photos by Bib #.  Affix the helmet sticker on the front of your helmet before the ride.  

Volunteers:  Many Thanks go out to Jim Hicks and Denise Welsh from Friends of Roy’s Foundation for all their hard work.  These outstanding community leaders personally recruited, trained, and managed their volunteers.  They spent many hours of preparation and were instrumental in welcoming us into their lovely desert community.  Volunteers are giving up their weekend to help you enjoy yours.  Be courteous and let them know you appreciate them! 

Emergency Numbers:  For Emergencies, Dial 9-1-1.  For mechanical or non-emergencies on the course, call Shadow Tour Staff/Vol’s: Jim 858-692-6220; Larry 858-692-3751; Thomas (Crankin’ TIME Cycling) 323-810-0141; Matt (Traction Bicycles) 619-379-5150; Tom Cody (Bike Mobile) 619-884-4809, Jason (Vol) 714-916-8783. Cell phone coverage is limited, but is available on most parts of the course.

. We hope to see you again at the 8th Annual Stagecoach and that you’ll recommend us to your friends. We welcome constructive feedback (such as rider input for “Rider Levels”) and are particularly interested in your suggestions for improvement.  Email us.

Enjoy Your Ride and Always Be Alert!

Jim & Larry


Managing Members
Shadow Tour, LLC

Course Strip Map with Detour

Palm Desert Century Strip Map With Detour