2007 Team RAAM


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The Coast-to-Coast Bicycle Ultra Marathon
June 12, 2007 Oceanside, CA to Atlantic City, NJ
3,043 miles 108,600 feet of climbing

Team Sixty Going Hard is a 4-person, all-male, 60-year-old team of competitive ultracyclists that will be competing in the 2007 Race Across America (RAAM)—one of the most grueling endurance events in the world. The Team’s goal is to break the 6 day, 20 hour, 27 minute record set in 1995.

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Team Sixty Going Hard

The four members of Team Sixty Going Hard, all married professionals, account for a wealth of cycling and other athletic accomplishments that create a very competitive team of seasoned cyclists, all determined to work together in 2007 RAAM to establish a new 4-male, 60-year-old team record.

Team Member Profiles and Achievements







Background and Achievements

Walt Chapman



Chief Engineer of a small manufacturer.


Cleveland, OH





Competitve USCF cyclist and member of 4-person, 60-year-old mixed RAAM record holder.

Married, 2 grown sons.



Paul Danhaus

Wasau, WI


Veterinarian, created and sold his own veterinary hospital.
Competitive runner, ultracyclist, and triathlete. Finished 2nd
in his age group at 2006 National 24-hour challenge with
380 miles.

Married, 1 son















Larry Gitman

La Jolla, CA


Retired Finance Professor and author of 8 major college texts.


Competitive ultracyclist. Member of both 2-person and 4-person 50-year-old Furnace Creek 508 record-holding teams.
Also, successfully competed on a 2002 RAAM team. Married, 2 grown children.








Dennis Kasischke


Lean Manufacturing Consultant. Competitive runner, cyclist, duathlete, and triathlete with many wins and high placings.10-time

San Diego, CA


Hawaii Ironman finisher. Married, no children.






2007 Finishline Photos and post race banquet:

2007R1 2007 R2
                 A few words from Larry                                       A few more words from Larry     

2007 R3 2007 R4
Did we really do that? Break the 60 y/o men's record?!             Yes, we did really do that!

 2007 R6
                                Larry and Robin enjoying some post race war stories

2007 R7 2007 R8
   Discussing the high points and the low points            Pablo & Al--crew members--all tuckered out
2007 R9 
                                                    Tired, hungry and RELIEVED

2007 R5 2007 R10
          Team receiving finishing awards                                    More after-race discussion