Club Central


Club Central is a resource center for all types of bona-fide Cycling Clubs, Team, and Organizations, collectively referred to as "Clubs".  Shadow Tour seeks to expand and create improved benefits for Clubs through innovative programs, such as those listed below.  We also wish to assist Clubs with wide public exposure; creating a free avenue to new member recruitment.  These programs will be reviewed frequently and improved over time.  Your feedback is always welcome. 

All Club members are encouraged to have your Club leadership contact Shadow Tour to learn more about the Programs and exposure opportunities.  Contact Shadow Tour Co-Founder Jim Knight.

1.  Club Discount Program

     * Special discounts for current Club Members and Immediate Family Members
     * Complimentary entries for Club President for all Clubs with 20 or more registered Club Members
     * Discount level based on Club Size and past Shadow Tour event Club Participation
     * High quality Club Central emails to Club point of contact with east cut-n-paste details

2.  Club Challenge Program

     *  Clubs with most registered participants are eligible for Cash Prizes at all Shadow Tour events
     *  1st Place Club Overall = $200 (20 rider minimum for cash prize)
     *  2nd Place Club Overall = $100 (10 rider minimum for cash prize)
     *  Winning Clubs & Club Links will be posted on the Shadow Tour Website
     *  Results for all Clubs will be posted on the Shadow Tour Website
     *  Clubs must join Club Central to be eligible for cash prizes.  Cash prizes do not 'roll down'.
     *  Club members must include their Club name in the "Affiliation" block for Online, Mail-in, and Walk-up
         registrations.  Affiliations will not be changed or added after the date of the event--no exceptions!

3.  Club List:  Free, publicly viewable, Club List.

     *  Free Club exposure on BBC net website (Western States Ride Calendar):  Click here