Refund/Rollover/Transfer Process: 

a.  Refund ($30):  Download Refund Form, see below, complete, sign and mail (no fax or email) to Shadow Tour, LLC.  Must be postmarked not later than one month prior to the original event.

     (1)  Stagecoach Century:

           2017 Stagecoach Century Refund Form:  Click here
           Postmark deadline:  Jan 18, 2017

     (2)  Palm Desert Century: 

           2016 Palm Desert Century Refund Form: Deadline passed
           Postmark Deadline:  Oct 15, '16

b.  Rollover ($20):  Download Rollover Form  below.  Forms must be completed, signed, and mailed (no fax/email) to Shadow Tour, LLC.  Must be postmarked not later than two weeks prior to the original event.  This is a single use option, meaning no further Refunds, Rollovers, or Transfers are permitted with this event registration.

    (1)  Stagecoach Century (Rollover to 2018 Stagecoach Century only):

          2017 Stagecoach Century Rollover Form:  Click here
          2018 Stagecoach Century Registration Form: Click here

          Postmark Deadline:  Feb 4, 2017 

    (2)  Palm Desert Century (Rollover to 2017 Palm Desert Century Only):

          2016 Palm Desert Century Rollover Form:  Deadline passed
          2017 Palm Desert Century Registration Form:  Deadline passed
          Postmark Deadline:  Oct 29, '16

c.  Transfer ($5):  Download Transfer Form and Registration Form, see below.   Both forms must be completed, signed, and mailed together (no fax/email) to Shadow Tour, LLC.  Must be postmarked as indicated on the form, or processed in-person, not later than one day prior to original event.

    (1)  Stagecoach Century:

          2017 Stagecoach Century Transfer Form:  Click here
          2017 Stagecoach Century Registration Form: Click here

          Postmark Deadline:  Feb 8, 2017
          Walk-up Deadline:  Feb 18, 2017

  (2)  Palm Desert Century: 

          2016 Palm Desert Century Transfer Form: Deadline passed
          2016 Palm Desert Century Registration Form:  Deadline passed
          Postmark Deadline:  Nov 5, '16         
          Walk-up Deadline:  Fri & Sat, Nov 10 & 11, '16 

d. Processing Notes (Updated 10-20-10):

    1. First and foremost, please follow the process as written and comply with deadlines. Please don't call, email, or confront staff/volunteers insisting on modifications. We literally close the books on each option exactly on time. Allowing exceptions is unfair to other riders who comply with the policy and deadlines.  Shadow Tour will not be pulled inside of your hardship situation at the last minute. This entire policy is our genuine attempt to provide a fair-minded, staggered set of options to help riders when their plans change unexpectedly. But it's not meant to be a universal solution. Most other rides have a rigid "No Refund for Any Reason" policy. Because we feel that such a policy is too harsh, we created our own innovative solution. Although implementation of our more liberal policy is highly labor intensive, we plan to maintain it as long as riders don't abuse it. In the past, numerous riders have aggressively insisted we modify the policy for their own unique situations.  This has occurred at every ride we produce, but we continue to treat these as rare and misguided incidents. We will not tolerate any form of aggressive or abusive language or actions. 

    2. Incomplete, illegible, and unsigned forms will not be processed, but will be returned to the rider for correction.  Emailed and faxed forms will not be processed or returned. Forms postmarked after deadline dates will not be processed or returned.

e.  Policy:  Link to Shadow Tour Refund/Rollover/Transfer Policy (click here).