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Rider Option Distance: (out-and-back route)

Team Time Trial Option

Individula Time Trial Option

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56-mile Option for Triathletes

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4,685 Ft

Using Garmin GPS

Moderately Difficult

dependent on weather conditions.

2005: 177

2006: 1,250

2007: 1,044

2008: 723

2009: 628

2010: 699

Desert Riding:  Always respect Mother Nature in the desert.  Prepare for a wide variety of conditions, even on a single ride.  Always top off water bottles.  Carry extra clothes such as arm warmers, full finger gloves, vest, and toe covers.  Wind, heat, cold, rain, and sunny conditions can be present.  When in doubt, prepare for the worst.

Normal:  Early morning winds neutral to frontal to 50-mile turnaround.  Winds at your back on return.  Temps 50's - 60's F.

Unusual cold temps: 30's - 40's F

Unusual hot temps:  70's - 90's F


The original Stagecoach Century.  Kick off your New Year with a flexible out-and-back route, allowing riders to select their own distance, based on weather conditions and fitness levels.  Very low traffic on Route S2 offers miles of exceptional desert views with only one Stop Sign.  Starting at 471 ft elevation and rising to 2,667 ft near the turn-around, the vistas are diverse all along the course.  The return ride from Shelter Valley is mostly downhill and usually wind-aided for a speedy return to the Start/Finish in Ocotillo.  This ride is fortunate to have outstanding community support from the residents of Ocotillo in the South and Shelter Valley in the North/turn-around.  In between, Rest Stops are professionally staffed by veteran cyclists/volunteers from San Diego Knickerbikers & San Diego Century Riders, volunteers from area Optimists International, and great friends and family members of the Shadow Tour organizers.

     Name of Ride    Climbing 
Elevation (ft)
                     Overall Difficulty
  Salton Sea Century     4,400 Minimal Outstanding Average to Difficult, highly weather dependent  
  Stagecoach Century      4,685 Minimal Outstanding  Moderately Difficult, highly weather dependent 
  Solvang Century      3,501 Average Very Good  Average 
  Tour de Palm Springs      3,100 Minimal  Very Good Easy to Average, weather dependent 
  Death Ride      15,000+ Average  Outstanding  Very Difficult, weather dependent 
  Breathless Agony      12,000+ Average  Outstanding  Very Difficult 
  Tour de Poway      4,500 High  Good  Average
  San Diego Century      4,331 High  Good Average 
  San Diego Gran Fondo      5,500+ High  Very Good Average to Difficult, weather dependent