Is registration available on the day of the event?

Unless the event has sold out, all rides have registration available on the day of the event.  Visit the webpage for the particular event to determine if the event has sold out.

Can I pick up my friend's rider packet?

Yes.  We need some form of written authorization to release your friend's rider packet.  A printed email is fine.  Or, a signed written note.

Why are registration fees so high?

Like virtually every event producer,our intentions are to encourage and reward early registrations with the lowest possible prices. The fact is, our "Best Deal" prices are at, or even below, our cost to produce the events. Because most Shadow Tour events are held in remote areas, expenses are much higher than in more urban areas.  Fuel costs, sourcing deliverable supplies like water, tables, chairs, and portajohns, covering high volunteer expenses (NOBODY works for free these days!), permits, Liability Insurance, comprehensive marketing expenses, police and EMT support requirements, and many other costs are amplified in remote areas.  Further, hosting events in ideal riding locations, by definition, results in lower rider participation, because of the travel and inconveniences associated with getting to and from the event.  Nonetheless, we prefer hosting riders in scenic, less traveled locations.  And we do our best to produce top-notch events on tight budgets.  To our knowledge, there are no Donald Trump bicycle event billionaires out there, although it's a nice dream!  

The absolute best way to secure the lowest possible price on your entry, is to join the Shadow Tour Interest List (automatic if you've participated in a previous ride).  Members of the Interest List receive emails (1-2/mo max) announcing the opening of registration for all events, well in advance, plus you will receive an additional discount promocode.  If you participated in the past, but haven't received these emails, please click on the Interest List link and enter your email again. 

We offer an incremental pricing structure:  "Best Deal", "Super Saver", "Early Bird", "Standard", and "Saturday".   The lowest prices are always the reward for early commitment.   As event producers, having strong early registrations is a powerful indicator.  We can more confidently add extra elements, make capital investments, and offer enhancements to improve the final riding experience.  Conversely, last-minute registrations, while still welcome, make it difficult to deliver on certain long leadtime items, like medals, pins, t-shirts, jerseys, meals, etc. 

To help riders make the commitment early, several years ago we instituted an innovative Refund, Rollover, and Transfer Policy.  It's a one-of-a-kind policy in the cycling community, which offers some relief if your plans change unexpectedly.  It's not a universal solution, nor is it meant to be.  And we've encountered numerous instances of riders insisting that we bend (or ignore entirely) the policy rules for their own personal situation (we don't).   But in the end, almost all riders believe the policy is a fair-minded way to share the burdens created by unforeseeable life situations.  For the record, almost all other events simply state "NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON".  We think that's too harsh.

Finally, if you've missed all the early pricing deadlines, try checking with some of your cycling buddies who are registered for the ride.  They might have a promocode they can share with you.  If that doesn't work, and the price of the event is beyond your budget, maybe it's best to skip this year's ride.  But, be sure to join the Interest List so you'll be notified well in advance for next year.  Also, check out the website for upcoming events.  You may find registration is open for a future ride at a more affordable price.