Mission Statement

Shadow Tour, LLC and it's production arm, ST Promotions, LLC, proudly host "Safe, Scenic, and Sensational Rides on Roads Less Traveled."  Founders Jim Knight and Larry Gitman decided to host rides while replicating the entire 21 stage Tour De France in July 2004.  They completed their "Shadow Tour" in their favorite riding areas in Southern California.  A common ingredient for all Shadow Tour rides is a low vehicle traffic location to help optimize safety and allow rides to more fully appreciate the scenery along the course.  The rides are presented with much attention paid to individual rider support.  Jim and Larry believe it's also important to fully include local communities in the volunteer and support base to build goodwill and promote long term rider-friendly zones.  Giving back to local communities and other deserving and worthy causes is also a component of every ride.  While Jim and Larry run their operations as businesses, the primary goal is to enjoy the riding experience with other like-minded cyclists.