2007 Salton Sea Century Event Timeline

Oct 18, 2007

Welcome 2007 Salton Sea Century Riders

Salton Sea 256 x 99 GIF

Thank you for joining us for the Salton Sea Century.  This email has final instructions for your ride on Saturday, Oct 20, 07 in Borrego Springs.

1.  General:  All information in this email is also on the website.  Click here to go directly to the Salton Sea Century webpage.

2.  Event Timetable:  Click here to review all the key times and events, be sure to scroll down to the timeline details.

3.  Final Rider Instructions:  For overall safety and to clearly understand all the important aspects of the ride, all riders need to read these two pages of instructions before starting the course. 
Click here to download.  Final Rider Instructions are in your rider packet, but we recommend reading them in advance.

4.  Route Sheets:  Click here for maps and queue sheets (turn-by-turn instructions) for the 100, 72, 52, 25, and 17 mile routes.  Route sheets will also be in your rider packet.

5.  Weather:  Current forecasts call for sunny conditions in Borrego Springs on Saturday with a high of about 87 F.  Winds will develop in the late morning and early afternoon with gusts of 12 to 16 MPH.  Expect higher temps and more wind as the day progresses.  With several route directions, the winds will be with you and against you on different parts of the course.  Recommend riding in small single file groups if winds are tough.  Be sure to use the rest stops to drink lots of water and keep the carbs up, but don't camp out too long at the rest stops, forward progress is important on a century ride.  There are Hammer E-Caps at the rest stops containing sodium, potassium, and magnesium, all excellent anti-bonk ingredients.  There will also be salty pretzels and Clif Shots with extra sodium to fight off cramps.

Thanks again for joining us.  We hope you have a safe, enjoyable, and memorable ride. 

Best Wishes,
Jim and Larry