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Thank you for joining us for the 2nd Annual Salton Sea Century.  The communities of Borrego Springs and Salton City again welcomed our event with open arms and we thank them for their support.   We learned many lessons from the first two years and will improve the ride for next year.  We extend our sincere thanks to the volunteers who donated their weekend to help you have a safe and enjoyable ride.
Weather conditions were excellent for early fall in the desert.  The official temperature range was 67F (7:00 A.M.) to 97F (3:00 P.M.) with northerly winds of 5 - 13 MPH.   In this part of the desert there are many micro-climates, such as down below Sea Level and at Yaqui Summit, so it's quite possible riders experienced extremes at both ends.   Part of becoming an experienced veteran century rider is understanding Mother Nature is ALWAYS in charge out on the course.   Making gradual adjustments to your effort level, as well as fluid and energy replacement, are vital to completing a ride when challenging conditions develop.   Below is a recap of the 2008 Salton Sea Century.  As always, we welcome your constructive comments and suggestions.

1.  Rider Demographics:  The total registered rider count was 176 on Saturday, with 69% male and 31 % female.  Four riders participated in their 7th Shadow Tour Event (out of a total of 8): 
     Karen Finkelstein, Carlsbad, CA
     Courtney Krehbiel, Carlbad, CA
     Amy Snyder, La Jolla, CA
     Patricia Thomas, La Jolla, CA 
Our very Best Wishes go out to Karen & Courtney who recently announced their engagement.

2.  Sponsors and Volunteers:  Hosting a high quality century ride is a team effort, no doubt.  Without dedicated Sponsors and Volunteers, it can't be done.  On Saturday, our volunteers were out there working like tremendous machines! When the original 150 lbs of ice ran out, Sponsor/Volunteer Dan Wright stepped up and had his Borrego Springs RV Resort and Golf Course make multiple deliveries of a total of 258 pounds of extra ice to help cool off riders as the afternoon heat rose.  Dan Wright is a wonderful sponsor of the Salton Sea Century and genuine good guy.  Those who stayed at his property know his resort is nothing short of magnificent.  Gary and Darlis Bailey, owners of Kendall's Cafe went above and beyond to make sure the lunches and BBQ meals were on time and high quality.  Rarely do the owners of a busy restaurant take time out to visit the ride, but both Gary and Darlis made their way to Christmas Circle a dozen or more times during the day. They also assisted with coffee for arriving riders and a post-ride all-you-can-eat pasta meal at their restaurant.  Kendall's Cafe is another example of an outstanding sponsor, that any ride producer would love to have on board.  The Salton City Chamber of Commerce provided volunteers for the Overlook and Salton City Rest Stops with Rosa (Salton Sea Chamber President) and Melissa working at Christmas Circle all day.  WorldCycles.com provided volunteers for the Hot Corner and Yaqui Summit, while Bikewearworld.com worked at various parts of the course all day.  Many thanks to Jim Wilson who operates the Christmas Circle Park and to the Borrego Springs Soroptimists, coordinated by Jean Anderson, who staffed the Lunch and BBQ stations.  The Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce was also a strong supporter of the event.   Our good friend, Jimmy Ray Jones, from Ocotillo, worked his 7th Shadow Tour event.    
3.  Preferred Routes:  Most riders opted for the full century route consisting of Lap 1 + Lap 2 + Lap3.   For 2008, riders negotiated the Yaqui Pass on Lap 1, climbing from about 550 ft to 1,750 ft in just over 5 miles, followed by a smooth and scenic Lap 2 around Borrego Springs, then the awesome Lap 3 out to Salton City and back, negotiating a 950 ft desert pass and spinning to 75 ft Below Sea Level near Salton City.   Clearly, depending on the distance ridden, each rider's personal experience out on the course can vary widely.  The email feedback from riders so far has been very positive.

4.  Full Century Finishers:  At total of 73 patient and determined cyclists  completed the full century course, nearly doubling last year's results! Click herefor a link to the Result page.  These are the riders who reported in to DJ Mark after the ride per the rider instructions.  If you completed THE FULL CENTURY please email Jim if your name is not included, just send your name and bib # in the subject line with "FC" to indicate Full Century Finisher.  You may also submit other notes in the body of the email.  Jim will update the Full Century Finishers list until all are accurately listed.  For all Shadow Tour rides, completing the full century is a CENTURY EARNED!

5.  Team Time Trial:  The Timing Marshal, DJ Mark, validated two official finishing teams.  Congrat's to both teams for outstanding performances!  Team World Cycles set an overall course record that will be very tough to beat.  World Cycles is also one of the loyal sponsors for Shadow Tour events.  World Cycles staffed the "Hot Corner" rest stop with volunteers.

      Open Men 40+: 
Team Eclectic Black Death, 7:14:30
                                    1st Place
                                     Division Record

                                     Chuck Miller, 40, Irvine, CA
                                     Bud King, 47, Irvine, CA
                                     Shaine Krosby, 36, Mission Viejo, CA
                                     Chris Patton, 37, Anaheim, CA

     Open Mixed Tandem:  
Team World Cycles, 4:41:00
                                     1st Place
                                     Division Record
                                     Overall TTT Course Record

                                     Deya Guerrero, 32, El Cajon, CA
                                     Alex Estrada, 40, Spring Valley, CA

6.  Photographs:  Brightroom Photography was out on the course snapping your images.  They are currently in the process of sorting them and will post photos online for your review and purchase in the near future. 

Click here for a direct link to the 2008 Salton Sea Century photographs.

7.  Jerseys:  There is still time to get a 2008 Salton Sea Jersey with the 2nd Production Run scheduled for mailing in Dec, '08.  If you wish to order a jersey, please
email Jim with your size ASAP, the Deadline is Wed, Oct 22, '08.  Mail a check for $55 to the address below.  

     ST Promotions, LLC
     Attn:  Jersey
     12374 Carmel Country Rd, #H108
     San Diego, CA  92130

8.  More Shadow Tour Items:  Please visit the 
General Store.

Next Up:  The Shadow Tour marquee event, the 2009 Winter Stagecoach Century, is now open to registration. You're invited to join us on Saturday, Jan 17, 09 for another great ride on roads less traveled.  Be sure to use promocode "SHADOW5" to save $5.  Act now, because the Best Deal price deadline is Oct 26, '08.  Now that you've experienced the desert in fall, you'll be amazed how much it changes in winter.  It's remarkable, and more than worth the trip!

Thanks again for joining us.  We are well aware of the time and expense of participating in the Salton Sea Century.  We sincerely appreciate your joining us and we hope you had a safe, enjoyable and memorable ride.  If you enjoyed yourself on this event, please pass the word to your friends about Shadow Tour.

Best Wishes,
Jim and Larry


                       2008 Salton Sea Century Finish Line
                                     2008 Salton Sea Century Finish Line
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