2008 Stagecoach Final Rider Instructions

Saturday, January 12, 2008
Ocotillo // Shelter Valley // Ocotillo
California , USA

WELCOME to the 4th Annual Stagecoach Century. We’re honored by your participation and we have done everything possible to make this the safest, most beautiful, well-organized cycling event in America. The following important points will help insure your safety and comfort on the ride. Please note the ride will take place rain or shine.

Riders who purchased a jersey on or before the Nov 17, ‘07 deadline will receive them at packet pickup. Jerseys purchased after Nov 17 will be included in the 2nd production run and will be mailed in Mar ‘08. T-shirts will be available at packet pick-up for riders who purchased t-shirts.

1. Packet Pickup/Registration: All riders may pick up their rider packets or register in person on Friday, Jan 11, at the Mission Valley Resort located at 875 Hotel Circle South, just off Interstate 8, in Mission Valley (San Diego) from Noon until 8 P.M. or on Saturday, Jan 12 at the Start/Finish in Ocotillo from 6:45 to 9:00 A.M. To speed up registration on Saturday morning, please arrive with full water bottles and sufficient energy items to make it to Rest Stop #1. Ocotillo is providing coffee and pastries on Saturday morning for a $1 donation.

2. Mechanic Support: Bike Mobile and Wheels on Wheels will be at the start/finish on Saturday morning. At 8:00 A.M. Bike Mobile will reposition to Rest Stop #1 and will later roam the course. Wheels on Wheels offers a bike transport service, see website for more details.

3. Wristbands: Please loosely affix the enclosed green day-glo rider wristband to either wrist; it serves as your pass to all rest stops and your ticket for the included lunch. It will be marked at lunch and at the turn-around point. If you purchased a post-ride pasta meal, you will also receive a flag-colored wristband.

4. Bib Numbers: Bib numbers are assigned to each rider and posted on the shadowtour.com website under “Riders Lists”. Please look up your bib number before arriving at packet pick-up. A cross referenced alphabetical rider roster with bib numbers will be posted adjacent to the packet pick-up area to locate bib numbers prior to picking up rider packets.

5. Ride Photos: Brightroom is providing event photography services. They post photos by bib number. Be sure to affix the helmet sticker on the front of your helmet and the bicycle bib plate on the front handlebars before the ride. Bib numbers simplify locating your photos.

6. Helmets: All riders must wear a Snell-approved helmet at all times while riding. Please ride on the far right side of the road, single file. There are fast descents on the course requiring extra caution. No matter what, do not gesture at vehicles—it’s not worth the risk.

7. Red Zones: In designated RED ZONES (potentially hazardous areas) use EXTRA CAUTION. On descents reduce your speed to a maximum of 20 MPH and stay as far to the right as safely possible. The two Red Zones are Sweeney Pass near mile 13 on the way out and Campbell Grade near mile 67 on the return. Both are marked with signs at the beginning and end. At Campbell Grade, CHP Officers and volunteers will ask you to stop before you descend to remind you to use extra caution.

8. Gear Drop: Volunteers in Ocotillo will accept rider bags for storage on Saturday morning in the start/finish area. Please do not leave any valuables, as we cannot guarantee security. This service is primarily for riders wishing to leave their rider bag for pick-up after the ride and for outer layers of warm clothing prior to the start of the ride. An additional gear drop is available at Rest Stop #1 until 11:00 A.M. These bags will be brought back to Ocotillo and stored with bags left at the start/finish. Bags will be marked and sorted by bib number only.

9. Parking: Those riders arriving via Interstate 8 should follow the instructions of the CHP and volunteers when you exit the freeway. Signs will mark the way to the parking area near the start/finish. Parking is first come, first served, next to the Ocotillo Community Recreation Center. Overflow parking will be along S2 and Shell Canyon Road. Park legally and don’t block residence driveways. Carpooling is strongly encouraged.

10. Start Times: Teams start 7:00 – 7:15 A.M. Individuals start 7:15 - 9:00 A.M. on Jan 12, 08. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that all 100-mile riders DEPART AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.

11. Weather: We will post weather forecasts on the Shadow Tour website as we get closer to the event. We expect a chilly morning. You may encounter winds on your ride north. For the morning, we recommend arm warmers, full-finger gloves, an outer layer, and riding in small single-file pace lines of not more than 10 bikes for safety and drafting in windy conditions. Have faith, any pesky headwinds on your morning ride north will be welcomed tailwinds on your return south in the afternoon.

12. San Diego County Waivers: All riders must complete and sign a San Diego County Liability Waiver at packet pick-up. We apologize for the extra step; it’s a strict SD County requirement.

13. Timeline and Time Cutoffs (Sat, Jan 12, ’08):

        6:30-7:00 A.M.    Team Time Trial team captains check-in with Timing Marshal 
        6:45-9:00 A.M.   Registration/Packet Pick-up in Ocotillo
        7:00–7:15 A.M.   Team Time Trial start window
        7:15–9:00 A.M.    Individual riders start window 
        10:00 A.M:            Lunch opens in Shelter Valley, mile 58 after turn-around
        10:30 A.M.            Lunch opens in Ocotillo for those riding less than 100 miles
        Noon                  Rest Stop #2, near Aqua Caliente, mile 25, closes to outbound riders 
        12:15 P.M.          Scissors Crossing, mile 45, closes to outbound riders
        12:45 P.M.            Rest Stop #3 in Box Canyon, mile 37, closes to outbound riders
        1:00 P.M.               Mandatory turn-around; all riders must be riding south returning to Ocotillo
        1:15 P.M.               Lunch in Shelter Valley closes.
        5:00 P.M:               Course closes. All riders must be off the bike course.

14. Routes: This ride is an out-and-back course. The course is designed to allow you to ride any of the following distances with full support (distances are approximate).

     26 mile course: To turn-around point near mile 13 and back
     50 mile course: To Rest Stop #2 and back
     75 mile course: To Rest Stop #3 and back
     84 mile course: To Lunch Stop and back
     90 mile course: To Scissors Crossing (Route 78) and back
     100 mile course: To turn-around point at mile 50 and back

15. Rest Stops: Three Rest Stops plus the Lunch/Rest Stop support riders going out and coming back and provide nine opportunities to re-hydrate, eat, and get course info.

     Rest Stop #1: Badlands (mile 10) AND Rest Stop 7 (mile 80)
     Rest Stop #2: Agua Caliente (mile 25) AND Rest Stop 6 (mile 75)
     Rest Stop #3: Box Canyon (mile 38) AND Rest Stop 5 (mile 62)
     Lunch/Rest Stop #4: Shelter Valley (mile 42 and 58)
     Turn-around: Water, energy items, and portajohn (mile 50)

16. Route Markings/Cue Sheets: Orange signs/arrows, traffic cones, white paint and chalk on the asphalt, CHP, and traffic monitors will guide you. In addition, all riders will find in their rider packet a cue sheet detailing the course and Rest Stops.

17. Stores: The Butterfield Resort near mile 33 and Stagecoach Trails RV Resort near mile 41. If you want sodas, V-8, or other items not provided at the rest stops, please carry cash with you. We provide plenty of food, water, Gatorade, and energy items at the designated rest stops.

18. Floor Pumps: Will be available at the start/finish, each Rest Stop, and the Lunch Stop.

19. SAG Support: Marked SAG vehicles will be roaming the course. Wave them down if you have a mechanical problem, need water, or need to be sagged back to the start/finish.

20. Included Lunch: All riders receive a Subway sandwich lunch in Shelter Valley and will have their wristbands stamped. Riders doing less than 100 miles, who did not have their wristbands stamped at the Lunch Stop (because they didn’t ride that far) will receive an included lunch, at the start/finish in Ocotillo starting at 10:30 AM, by showing their unstamped wristband.

21. Post-ride Pasta Meal: Ocotillo volunteers will be serving the optional post-ride pasta meal from 10:30 A.M. to 6 P.M. Cost is $10 in advance and $12 on the day of the ride. There will also be Hot dog meals ($5) and Hamburgers meals ($6) available as supplies last. All proceeds benefit the Ocotillo Community Fund.

22. Trash: Please keep all your on-route trash (like Hammer Gel Packets and banana peels) and dispose of them in trash bags located at all rest stops, lunch, or start/finish.

23. Ride Momentos: A limited quantity of jerseys and t-shirts will be available for purchase after the ride in the Start/Finish area. The items being sold were purchased specifically for on-site sales and will not be used to fill already-placed orders. First come, first served.

24. Volunteers: Our sincere Thanks go out to the Kathleen (KT) Thayer, President of the Ocotillo Desert Volunteers, and Diane Schmitz, President of the Shelter Valley Citizen’s Corporation for all their hard work. Each of these outstanding women personally recruited, trained, and managed their volunteers and donated many hours of preparation and were instrumental in welcoming us into their respective communities. Please be courteous and know these volunteers are giving up their weekend to help you enjoy your ride. Let ‘em know you really appreciate their help!

25. Course Marshals: Course marshals are identified by Yellow Vests. Most volunteers are trained to help only with their station’s operation, so please seek out a course marshal if you need a higher level assistance.

26. Emergency Numbers: If you encounter mechanical or other problems on the course, please call any of the following Shadow Tour staff: Jim (858-692-6220); Larry (858-692-3751); Tom Cody the Bike Mobile Mechanic (619-884-4809); or Robert (858-518-1815). Cell phone reception is very limited, but available on some parts of the course.

THANKS AGAIN FOR PARTICIPATING IN THE 2008 WINTER STAGECOACH CENTURY. We hope to see you in April for a spring version of the ride. We welcome your feedback on this ride. We are particularly interested in your suggestions with regard to opportunities to improve your ride experience. Please email your comments to us, click here.

Jim and Larry

Managing Members
ST Promotions, LLC
Shadow Tour, LLC