2008 Stagecoach Happy New Year Email

Jan 2, '08

Stagecoach Century
   Happy New Year from Shadow Tour

   2008 Stagecoach
      Century & TTT

Date:  Sat, Jan 12, '08

Where:  Ocotillo, CA (80 miles east of San Diego, just off I-8)

Start: 7:00 - 9:00 A.M.

Distances:  25, 50, 100 miles.  Out-and-back route allows riders to chose own distances.

576 Registered
Riders as of today

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Dear Riders,
2006 Campbell Grade

We hope you enjoyed your holidays and send our very best wishes for a wonderful 2008.  

We extend our sincere Thanks to the 576 "Sturdy Riders" who have pre-registered for the upcoming Stagecoach Century.  Final Rider instructions are now posted online at www.shadowtour.com

For those who have not registered, Stagecoach is a great way to kick off your New Year in grand style.  The 4th Annual Stagecoach Century is set to roll on Sat, Jan 12, '08 in Ocotillo, CA, about 80 miles east of San Diego, just off Interstate 8.  Online registration ends Thu, Jan 10 at 10:00 P.M.  You may register in person at the packet pickup at the Mission Valley Resort from Noon to 8:00 P.M. on Fri, Jan 11 and in Ocotillo from 7:00 to 9:00 A.M. on Sat, Jan 12.

Current weather forecasts from AccuWeather.com for Saturday, Jan 12, are showing sunny conditions with afternoon highs in the mid 60's and early morning lows in the 30's.  As many of you know, riding in the desert has advantages of low traffic and natural beauty.  It also has fast-changing weather conditions, so it's always best to prepare for a wide range of conditions.

For your convenience, Dan Plummer's Wheels on Wheels, will have Bell Weather winter clothing available for sale at the start/finish in Ocotillo priced 25-30% off retail.  Dan is also offering a one-of-kind bike transport service to get your bicycles to and from Ocotillo, please visit the website for more details.

The Stagecoach start/finish is in bicycle-friendly Ocotillo.  The citizens have embraced the ride as their own.  They provide dedicated volunteers and hand over the keys to their quiet desert town to make the event a great experience for all.

Near Box Canyon
The course is on S2 which parallels the Great Southern Overland Stage Route of 1849.  There are several historic markers along the way for you to visit.

Starting in Ocotillo, at an elevation 492 feet above sea level, the course proceeds north past "Scissors Crossing" to a turn-around point at 50.0 miles at an elevation of about 2,600 feet, then returns on the same road,  stopping for a well-earned lunch in Shelter Valley, where the citizens again go far above and beyond to support every rider.

Pix Ocotillo Cropped 287 x 235
Then it's "normally" a wind-aided, mostly downhill, quick return ride to the finish in Ocotillo.

Overall, the ride is moderately difficult, with 4,784 feet of climbing in the century.  The elevation mostly front-loaded and spread out all the way to the turn-around, with five desert passes of 1/2 to 4 miles.  There are also several shorter routes; and every rider has the option to safely turn around on the course to create their own custom distance based on phycisal conditioning and weather on the day of the ride.

Weather is the single most 2006 Stagecoach
significant factor at Stagecoach.
Typically there are morning headwinds on the way north to the turn-around and tailwinds on the way home.  Temps in the desert in winter vary widely, from the 30's to the 70's, so it's important to bring extra clothes, just in case.

As with any worthwhile effort, the Stagecoach Century can be
fiesty2007 Rider with wind and cool or cold
temperatures.  It's tested many riders over the first three years.  Be sure to check out the galleries to see photos of riders in action in 2005, 2006, and 2007, sometimes a picture says it all. 

In good or tough conditions, riders who finish the full Stagecoach Century have earned their spurs.  Starting in 2008, we will post names, cities, and total ride times for all riders that complete the full century.  There is also a new 100 mile 4-Person Ultimate Team Time Trial at the 2008 ride.  For our veteran solo riders, here's something new to keep the Stagecoach experience fresh!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Stagecoach is simply a fantastic way to kick off your New Year cycling with a bang!  The roads are in good condition with very low vehicle traffic, only two stop signs, and natural scenery mostly untouched since real stagecoaches rumbled along the dusty trail over 150 years ago.

Then as now, it's a chance to see a snapshot of the American West in all it's grandeur.  And regardless of the distance you ride, you'll always be able to tell your friends "I rode Stagecoach".  Those who have done it know why that accomplishment carries such significance...

Best Wishes,
        Jimmy Ray, Jim, and Larry
Jim and Larry

Shadow Tour, LLC
ST Promotions, LLC   

                                              Jimmy Ray Jones, Larry, and Jim
                                                  at the grand opening of the
                                               Ocotillo Rec Center,  Aug 12, 07 

                   2006 Stagecoach Riders