2008 Stagecoach Rider Feedback

2008 Stagecoach Rider Unsolicited Email Feedback

I am amazed that others are entertained by my ramblings. I had a wonderful time on my first century. It was A LOT of fun. The goal of my blog is to help motivate others to get off the couch and be active!  Click here to read "2008 Stagecoach Century Ride Report" originally posted on Diary of an amateur triathlete blog.  
San Diego

The winter stage coach exceeded all my expectations.  Every volunteer was delightful, supportive, and helpful.  The SAG wagons were out and gave you comfort that if anything when wrong, they would be there.  Fortuanately, I didn't need to use their services.  The course is absolutely fantastic - challenging hills, long "flats", interesting scenery, and best of all, virtually no traffic - the few vehicles passing were considate and provided a wide separation.  The number of rest stops is just right and spaced equally well apart.
This winter StageCoach century was my 2nd century (1st in October - Tour de Poway).  However, I have run in many events in the past.  Your event was very well executed.  I look forward to the next one.   
A couple minor suggestions:
1.  have massage after the event - the challenge is where to perform them - there seemed to be space inside the community center where dinner was served.  I would pre-sign-up for a 20 to 30 minute one - $1 per minute
2. have vasaline or similar product available at each stop
3. build a hotel / spa in Ocotillo so I can roll out of bed and onto the course - rather than driving for 1.5 hrs each way. ;-)
Thanks for a fun time,
San Diego, CA

Gary and myself would like to say the Ride support was outstanding. You truly lived up to the mission of making it the safest, well supported Century Ride in America.

Hats off to you and all the volunteers !!

Mountain High Resort, CA

Yesterday’s century was absolutely great. Great organization, great course. Well worth the drive from and back to Santa Barbara even though traffic on I-5 Saturday afternoon boggles the mind, where are all those people going!

Many thanks and see you next year.

Santa Barbara, CA

This event was so well run! From the moment we left Interstate 8 I knew we were in for a  great time. Signs directing to the Ocotillo Community Park were placed so that we had no doubt as to where this ride started. The local people waving to us as we crossed the intersection was a nice touch. At that point I knew this was going to an event rather than a ride.

The course was beautiful  - as expected.  The people at the rest stops were cheerful, helpful and thoughtful. As we began riding, nearly all the riders passing us said Good morning and I could see the smiles on their faces were because everything about the event was done right. We saw lots of SAG support and mechanical support along the road.  People were encouraging each other on the hills and even offering a wheel for us to draft off of when we started to slow down. This was my Uncle Ralph's first Century. He just turned 64 in last month.

What a great introduction to Centuries your event provided him.  He was talking about doing another one of rides on the way home. Thank you for diong such a great job.  Please pass along my praise to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make this event so enjoyable!

Newbury Park, CA

The rides that Shadow Tours put on are varied and challenging.  Sometimes it's the course but often it's the weather.  This is my 3rd time riding StageCoach Century and to tell you the truth it was the best.  I've always liked the course.  Easy to follow, not many turns, very little traffic, challenging hills, and nice scenery.
My first event a few years ago the wind was just in your face the whole way out.  The group we went out with struggled just to keep it at 10 or 12 MPH.  Of course the return trip was a blast.
Last year it was freezing.  Not your fault but it put a bad memory in the minds of many.
This year, perfect.  Couldn't have asked for better day.  The weather was great and nice show of people.  The subs at the lunch stop instead of burritos was definitely nicer on my system.
Had a great ride this year and really enjoyed if from beginning to end.
Thanks a lot.  Great Job.
San Diego, CA

Thank you thank you thank you! Saturday was my first Century ride ever and I had a fantastic time. You have put together a wonderful event in the desert  that I call home, and supported the ride with people and previsions that exceeded anything I ever expected. I am looking forward to spring, and I'm excited that I'll be riding again on my favorite stretch of desert road. Please pass my thanks along to all those supporters that worked so hard along the course. I can't wait to do it again!
Oceanside, CA

I just got home from the ride and wanted to let you know how great of time I had at the Stagecoach Century today.   We could not have asked for a nicer day with near-perfect weather.  I was also amazed by the incredible group of volunteers and staff you have put together.  Their kindness and helpfulness were noteworthy.  It was refreshing to be a part of an event that has retained a grassroots feel without being commercialized like so many endurance events have become.

Thanks for a great time and I will certainly be joining you again in the future.


San Diego, CA

My husband and I want to thank you and your great crew for a fantastic ride. My husband, Alan, was the one who's chain broke and he crashed.  Everyone was very helpful.
Everything about the ride was super.  Pleny of stops and food, great mobile support, an excellent route (although I have to ask where was the tailwind I was promised on the way home?), and most especially, a fantastic group of volunteers who were supportive, kind, helpful and enthusiastic.
We most definitely will be back, probably in April.
Debbie and Alan
La Quinta, CA

I want to say thank you for a great event this past weekend. I've never done a century before, this was my first! The rest stops were placed perfectly and the volunteers were wonderful. Thanks again for a great ride!

Lancaster. CA

            Stagecoach Century Sign
                     Photo Courtesy of Ken King and the Knickerbikers, Rest Stop #2 Volunteers