2009 Stagecoach Final Rider Instuctions Email

Email sent Jan 10, 2009

Stagecoach Century  
1.  General:  All information in this email is also on the Shadow Tour website.
 Click here to go directly to the Stagecoach Century webpage.
2.  Final Rider Instructions:  For your safety and understanding of important aspects of the event, riders must read these instructions before starting.  Click here to download instructions and course map.  Access to this information is also on the 2009 Stagecoach website.

3.  Packet Pick up/Registration:

     Fri, Jan 16, '09, Noon - 8:00 P.M.  Mission Valley Resort, 875 Hotel Circle South, San Diego, CA  92108.  Friends may pick up packets for other riders with a signed note or printed email authorizing release of the packets.

     Sat, Jan 17, '09, 6:45 - 9:00 A.M.   Ocotillo Community Center, click here for directions.  Volunteers will guide you to parking areas on Saturday, located about 2.5 miles North of the Interstate 8 Freeway.
4.  Event FAQ's and Timetable:
Click here to read Stagecoach Century Frequently Asked Questions and view all the key cutoff times.

5.  Weather:  So far the weather picture looks good!  Current weather forecasts from AccuWeather call for "Sunny to partly cloudy" all day Saturday near Ocotillo, with an early morning low of 40 F and afternoon high to 73 F.  Winds are expected to be light, from the North at 4 MPH, with gusts to 5 MPH.   Riders are reminded to constantly access your physical condition on the course and be prepared for fast-changing weather conditions in the desert and react accordingly.  Stagecoach is a "one-bite-at-a-time event:  don't take on more than you're capable of handling.  Observe all course  cut-off times.  You must be finished by 5:00 P.M., so plan your ride accordingly.  The sun dives down in the desert and the temperature can plummet 20 degrees or more in under 30 minutes.  Following cut-off times virtually assures you time for a safe return to Ocotillo before 5:00 P.M. 

6.  Rest Stops: 
There are 5 static rest stop locations that create 8 total rest stop opportunities on the century.  Be sure to drink plenty of water and Vitalyte and take on extra carbohydrates.  Don't camp out too long at rest stops; forward progress is critical on a century ride, especially on a challenging early season course.  Rest Stops have Hammer Gel Paks and E-Caps containing sodium, potassium, and magnesium, all excellent anti-bonk and anti-cramp ingredients.  There will also be salty pretzels, Clif Bars, and PowerBar Gel Blasts with carbs and 2X Caffeine along with many other items, see FAQ's on the website for a complete list.  SAFETY NOTE:  Be sure to place your bicycle completely off the S2 when visiting rest stops.  In some cases, this may require stopping about 50 yards before or after the actual rest stop location, if many riders are there at the same time.  WATCH FOR VEHICLE TRAFFIC when re-entering the S2 and ride single file as far to the right as safely possible.

7. Bike Inspection: 
Riders are responsible for their own bicycle maintenance and safety inspection.  At past rides many riders have arrived with worn-out tires, wheels far out of true, and a wide variety of other basic maintenance issues.  Stagecoach is not the kind of course to take a chance on bicycle safety.  Invest in new tubes and tires if you're even close.  Have your bike inspected by your bike shop and replace defective items in advance.
8.  Help Spread the Word:  There is no better way to grow Stagecoach than for registered riders to encourage friends to sign up.  Sure, it's a challenging course, and weather conditions could be tough, but these same elements make it a rewarding and worthwhile experience, that's why most past riders agree it's a century earned.  Veteran riders respect the unique Stagecoach duality:  a disarming outer visual character (pristine desert scenery) and an unpredictable inner personality (weather), which combine to produce a truly mememorable day in the saddle.


Thanks again for joining us and for helping us expand Stagecoach.  For the third year in a row, Bicycling Magazine has named the Stagecoach Century as a "Best in Cycling" event.

Please be alert and safe everywhere on the course.  If necessary, help each other along the way.  Be respectful to volunteers and CHP Officers and thank them for their help and support.

It's our goal that you have as much fun riding Stagecoach as we have hosting it.

Best Wishes,

Jim and Larry

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