2010 Salton Sea Final Rider Instructions

Email sent 10 Oct, '10

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

WELCOME to the 3rd Annual Salton Sea Century. Thanks for your participation!

Your Big Ride in the Desert is just ten days from now!  This email summarizes and highlights vital information in your Final Rider Instructions.  This desert venue requires a higher degree of advance preparation than most organized rides.

Reading these instructions will help insure your safety and comfort at the Salton Sea Century.  All riders are also strongly encouraged to review the "Rider Levels" section on the website for more tips and information tailored to specific rider objectives and conditioning levels.  We also strongly encourage all riders to have their bikes safety inspected at your bike shop prior the ride.  The desert is no place to take a chance on questionable tires or brakes.  Here's a link to some local San Diego shops who are offering tune-up specials to Salton Sea riders.

If this is your very first desert ride, knowledge breeds confidence!  Take time to read this email, visit the suggested links on the website, and STUDY your Final Rider Instructions prior to arriving in Borrego Springs.  You'll thank us later! 

Please read this email completely.  Then download the two-page Final Rider Instructions (also posted on the website) and read before arriving at the venue.  There's a copy in your rider packet, but it's best to complete in advance.

  ~~  The Salton Sea Century takes place rain or shine, heat or wind ~~

1.  Packet Pickup/Registration:  Riders may pick up their rider packets, or register in-person, on Fri, Oct 15, at Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs from 4:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M, or on Sat, Oct 16 in Christmas Circle from 6:45 A.M. - 9:00 A.M.  To speed up registration on Sat morning, please download and complete the San Diego County Waiver (also on website) arrive with full water bottles, and sufficient energy items to make it to the first Rest Stop.  To pick up another rider's packet, please have a note, or printed email, giving you permission.

2.  Wristbands: 

        Full Century Course:     Red/White/Blue
        Short Courses:  Purple
        Optional Post-ride Meal:  Yellow Smilies

3.  Bib Numbers:  Bib Numbers (helmet numbers) are assigned to each rider. The 2010 Salton Sea Century Bib #'s are posted on the website under "Rider Lists" on the left menu bar.  To save time, please look up your Bib # before arriving.  An Alpha Roster/Bib # cross-reference will also be posted on tables at packet pick-up. 

4.  Ride Photos:  Sport Action Photos is providing photography services. They post photos by rider Bib #'s and by time.  Affix the Bib # on the front of your helmet. 

5.  Helmets:  All riders must wear a Snell-approved helmet at all times while riding.  Always ride on the far right side of the road, single file.  There are some fast descents on the course requiring extra care and attention to road surfaces.  No matter what, do not gesture or yell at vehicles-it's not worth the risk.

6.  Red Zones:  In designated RED ZONES (potentially hazardous areas) use EXTRA CAUTION.  On descents reduce your speed to a maximum of 20 MPH and stay as far to the right as safely possible.  There are no currently designated Red Zones on this course.   If something changes, we'll post signs designating a Red Zone.  NOTE:  There is a rough surface section of road as you descend to Sea Level after the Overlook Rest Stop for about 2-3 miles.  We recommend a max speed of 25 MPH.  ALWAYS WATCH FOR POTHOLES AND DEBRIS!

7.  Gear Drop:  Volunteers will accept rider bags for storage during the ride inside Christmas Circle near the Start/Finish.  Do not leave any valuables, as we cannot guarantee security.  This service is primarily for riders wishing to leave their rider bag for pick-up immediately after the ride and to shed outer layers of warm clothing prior to the start of the ride or after the first 28-mile loop.  Riders mark their own bags using Bib #s only, so be sure to write your Bib # on your rider bag (magic markers will be available).  If you forget your gear bag, we will mail back it to you upon receipt of $7 to cover shipping charges.

8.  Parking:  Parking is available on the sides of all roads entering Christmas Circle.  Park completely off the road surface leaving the bike lane open-you'll need the space as you ride!  One of the Christmas Circle "spokes" is particularly wide and has no outlet.  This is our primary parking lot.  Watch for volunteers when entering Christmas Circle directing you to this parking area.  Once full, use one of the other roads to find a parking space.  Be very careful of other riders and cars in Christmas Circle throughout the day.  Parking is first-come, first-served.  Park legally and don't block residence or business driveways.  Carpooling is strongly encouraged.

9.  Start Times:

     A.  Time Trials (7:00-7:05 A.M.):  Teams, Tandems, and Solo Time Trial (TT) riders will start ahead of the main field.  Follow directions of the Timing Marshal in the start chute.  All Time Trial participants MAY START UP UNTIL 9:00 A.M. without penalty,  To be timed for a later start, the TT participant(s) must check in with the Timing Marshal to receive an adjusted time, otherwise the default start time is 7:00 A.M.  All TT participants must check in with the Timing Marshal after finishing to receive their official finish time.  The clock doesn't stop until the rider checks in.  It's a low-tech timing system, but applied equally for all participants.

     B.  Individual Riders, all distances (7:05 - 9:00 A.M.): We STRONGLY RECOMMEND all century riders DEPART AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.  In the desert, an early start is helpful for all distances.  For riders who successfully complete the Full Century, check in with the Timing Marshal at the finish to show wristband stamps, and to receive credit.  NOTE:  Only riders who registered for the Full Course are eligible to have their names  posted on the website indicating completion of the Full Century.  Riders may upgrade to the Full Course, by paying the additional $15 at packet pick-up. 

10.  Weather:   Current Accuweather forecasts sound excellent!  Sunny conditions in Borrego Springs on Oct 16, a High of 84F, Low of 47F, and Winds from the WNW at 6 MPH, Gusting to 9 MPH.   There will be adequate water on the course, so stay well-hydrated and manage sodium levels with pretzels and/or E-caps at all Rest Stops.  Typically, temps rise in the afternoon along with widely varying winds.  Expect numerous wind direction and speed changes throughout the day.

11.  Christmas Circle:  When entering Christmas Circle, ALWAYS RIDE WITH THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC, counter-clockwise, even when it means riding all the way around.  Never ride against traffic.  (Automatic DQ for TT Riders!)

12.  Timeline and Important Time Cutoffs:

        6:45-9:00 A.M:  Registration/Packet Pick-up in Borrego Sprs (Xmas Cir)
        7:00-9:00 A.M:  Start window     
        9:00 A.M:            Latest time to start Lap 1
        11:00 A.M:          Latest time to start Lap 2
        1:00 P.M:            Latest time to start Lap 3
        2:00 P.M:            Latest time to continue past Overlook Rest Stop
        5:00 P.M.            Course closed.  All riders must be off the course.
13.  Routes:  The course is designed to allow the distances below with full support. Orange traffic cones, signs, chalk on the pavement, and volunteers will help direct you.  Please carry and read the Cue Sheets provided in your rider packet.  It's ok to modify your course if weather conditions change, or if you feel it's the best call given your level of conditioning.  Desert cycling requires you to listen to your body!

       17-mile course:    Lap 2
       28-mile course:    Lap 1
       45-mile course:    Lap 1 + Lap 2
       55-mile course:    Lap 3
       72-mile course:    Lap 2 + Lap 3
       83-mile course:    Lap 1 + Lap 3
       100-mile course:  Lap 1 + Lap 2 + Lap 3

14.  Rest Stops:
       Christmas Circle Rest Stop:  Christmas Circle, full Rest Stop, Lunch, public
                                                          restrooms, portajohns  

       Hot Corner Rest Stop:  Corner of Borrego Springs Rd and Yaqui Pass Rd, full
                                                Rest Stop, portajohns

       Yaqui Summit Rest Stop:  Summit of Yaqui Pass, turnaround point, most Rest
                                                      Stop items, portajohn

       Overlook Rest Stop:  Near mile marker 36 on S-22 (heading toward Salton
                                             City), full Rest Stop, portajohns
Salton City Rest Stop:  Near intersection of S-22 and Hwy 86, most Rest Stop                                                     items, portajohns

15.  Route Markings:  Signs/arrows, traffic cones, paint/chalk on asphalt, and orange arrows on road surface. 

16.  Floor Pumps:  Available at the Start/Finish, and all Rest Stops.

17.  SAG Support:  SAG vehicles will be roaming the course. Wave them down if you have a mechanical issue, need water, or need to be sagged to the Start/Finish.

18.  Included Lunch:  All riders receive an included sandwich lunch meal, prepared by Kendall's Café, in Christmas Circle, from 9:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.  Just show your unstamped Red, White, and Blue, or Purple, wristband.  

19.  Optional Post-ride Meal:  Kendall's Cafe is hosting the optional post-ride meal (BBQ or Pasta) in their air-conditioned restaurant from 2:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. Kendall's Café is about 500m from Christmas Circle at 587 Palm Canyon Drive inside The Mall.  Your pass is a Yellow Smiley wristband.  Signs will be posted.

20.  Trash:  Please keep all your on-route trash (like Hammer Gel Packets and banana peels) and dispose in trash bags located at all Rest Stops and at the Start/Finish.  Our event must leave no footprints!

21.    Ride Momentos:  All participants receive a custom Salton Sea Century Pin and Medallion.  A limited quantity of Jerseys and T-shirts will be available for purchase before and after the ride in the Start/Finish area. The items being sold were sourced specifically for on-site sales and will not be used to fill orders or to swap out for alternate sizes.  They will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  Jerseys may be ordered at the event.

22.  Volunteers:  Our sincere Thanks to all our volunteers, in particular, Imari Kariotis from the West Shores Chamber of Commerce, who dedicated many hours to help prepare for this ride.  Please be courteous and know our cool volunteers are giving up their weekend to help you enjoy your ride.  Let 'em know they're appreciated!

23.  Course Marshals:  Course Marshals are identified by Yellow/Orange Vests. Most volunteers are trained to help only with their particular part of the course, so please seek out a Course Marshal if you need higher level help.

24.  Emergency Numbers:  If you encounter mechanical or other problems on the course, please call any of the following: Jim 858-692-6220; Larry 858-692-3751; Tom Cody (Bike Mechanic) 619-884-4809; or Robert 858-518-1815.  Cell phone reception is limited, but available on some parts of the course. Dial 911 for emergencies.

REFERRALS:  Our #1 Best Source of new riders is always from our current riders.  We would be most grateful if all riders would contact at least one friend or family member and encourage them to join you at this year's Salton Sea Century.  They may use a special Promocode "LY15" for a $15 discount.  The discount is good for online and walk-up registrations, but is not retro-active.  Producing complex rides is not easy, nor inexpensive.  With your help, we can reach the critical mass of participants needed to keep these rides on the calendar!


Cya next Saturday!

Jim Knight and Larry Gitman
Managing Members
Shadow Tour, LLC
ST Promotions, LLC