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Email sent Oct 18, '10

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Thank you for joining us for the 3rd Annual Salton Sea Century.  We sincerely hope you enjoyed your desert adventure this past weekend.  You should be justifiably proud of yourself for taking on the challenge of a tough desert ride.

The ride became much more advanced with a last-blast of summer heat on Saturday afternoon.  While the California coast was drenched with rain, Salton Sea Century riders sweated it out climbing Yaqui Summit and endured the bone-rattling descent to the unforgiving Salton Sea plain 75 ft below Sea Level.

In the fullness of time, we think (and hope) you'll reflect back on your Salton Sea Century experience with fond memories of your friends, the volunteers, the mountains, Christmas Circle, and the magnificent and fierce desert that all played supporting roles in your grand play.  

The official temperature range was 67F to 96F in Borrego Springs.  Afternoon winds were relatively "mild" for the desert, but that caused the mercury to creep higher than usual.  Salton City was about 10 degrees warmer.  Some riders reported cycle computer temps as high as 110F (ouch!).  Lap 3 riders experienced the full intensity of Mother Nature, especially below Sea Level, with 100+F temps in the afternoon. The desert has many micro-climates, so it's quite possible riders experienced widely varying conditions all along the route.

The key to becoming a confident veteran century rider is understanding Mother Nature is ALWAYS in charge out on the course. Developing the art of gradual adjustments to your effort level, as well as fluid and energy replacement, are vital to completing a ride when potential red-line conditions are presented.

Below is the recap of the 2010 Salton Sea Century. As always, we welcome your constructive comments and suggestions.

1.  2010 Salton Sea Ride Summary:  The total registered rider count was 207 on Saturday, with 70% male and 30 % female.  The field was led out at precisely 7:00 A.M. from Christmas Circle by Time Trial Specialist, Paul Leek, 43, from Laguna Niguel, CA.  Weather at the Start was ideal:  deep blue skies, mild temps, and calm winds for most of Lap 1.  Some riders missed the "Straight-ahead" arrows at the Hot Corner and turned right, up the Yaqui Summit climb.  More signs will be posted next time.

The 5-mile Yaqui climb served early notice that the desert is a menagerie of subtle, cumulative, difficulties.  But at the 1,750 ft summit, riders were rewarded with stunning views and a fast descent back down to the Hot Corner and return spin to Xmas Circle.  The 17-mile Lap 2 was mostly a flat & fast parade around Borrego Springs, but riders were beginning to feel the heat as they returned to Xmas Cir.  The dry air and hot wind spun it's sinister dehydration web, strand-by-strand.  Many riders concluded, wisely, that 1 or 2 laps was enough on this day.

For the rest, Lap 3's call of the wild/extreme, proved irresistible.   At the Xmas Circle Rest Stop, most Lap 3 riders stopped long enough to re-hydrated with ice-cold
Vitalyte and carb up with Clif Bars and Luna Bars.  They looked confident as they turned east out of Xmas Circle.  Then 17 miles to the Overlook Rest Stop.  Swirling headwinds past the airport were reminders of the fickle way Mother Nature treats riders DEEP into a desert century ride!  At the Overlook Rest Stop, the raw and jagged Badlands terrain presented an intimidating spectacle.  Some riders made the u-turn and safely returned to the Finish.

For the remaining 35% of the total field, the ultimate century was the only acceptable goal, and they rolled 9 miles down that wicked stretch of beat-up asphalt, below Sea Level, to Salton City and received their coveted "wristband stamp" to validate their 100-mile ride.

At just after Noon, the speedy Paul Leek truimphantly crossed the Finish Line in a hard-earned Solo Course Record time of 5:05:42.  He immediately conveyed his concerns to the organizers for the brave riders he saw heading down to the sizzling Salton Sea as he was speeding back up to the Overlook Rest Stop.  But looks can be deceiving.  Less than 10 riders needed SAG back to the Finish the WHOLE DAY!

This year, riders stayed calm and methodical as they reeled in this difficult century.  They rode within their limits and followed their ride plan carefully.  Sure, more ice would always be nice on a hot day, but the proof of riding smart is reflected in the outstanding high finish rate for all distances at the event.  To all 2010 Salton Sea Century riders, regardless of final distance, WELL DONE! 

Several long-time Shadow Tour riders were back in the field:

      Karen Finkelstein, Carlsbad, CA: 13 of 14 Shadow Tour Rides
      Courtney Krehbiel, Carlbad, CA: 13
      Amy Snyder, La Jolla, CA: 11
      Patricia Thomas, La Jolla, CA: 10
      Natalie Fennel, Irvine, CA:  7
      MJ Moran, Spring Valley, CA:  7
      Mike Martinelli, San Diego, CA:  6

2.  Volunteers & Sponsors:  The Salton City West Shores Chamber of Commerce provided volunteers for all Rest Stops. Imari Kariotis ran point on the recruitment drive. Most volunteers were in place by 5:30 A.M. and stayed at their posts for over 10 hours.

World Cycles (Alex & Deya) and Bikemobile (Tom & Dawn) provided mechanical and sag support all day. Riders commented on seeing the Shadow Tour support vehicles many times on the course, giving them added confidence that they were not abandoned. Shadow Tour understands the advanced nature of this ride and wanted to insure riders would have support if needed.

Imari and John from Salton City, handled EMT support, the Lunch Station, and Timing Marshall posts. They also assisted with the Christmas Circle Rest Stop all day. Outstanding volunteers at Yaqui Summit and the Hot Corner worked until their Rest Stops closed, then repositioned to the Overlook Rest Stop to double-up support in the late sweltering afternoon.  Many thanks, also, to Jim Wilson who operates the Christmas Circle Park.

Hosting a high quality century ride is a team effort. Without dedicated Sponsors and Volunteers, it can't be done.  Behind the scenes, Shirley from the Palm Canyon Resort, and Dan, from The Springs RV Resort and Golf Course, donated over 200 lbs of ice.  Dennis from Kendall's Cafe catered the lunches and post-ride meals.  He also delivered fresh coffee for the early Saturday start. Late in the afternoon, on his own initiative, Dennis donated 50 lbs of ice to help keep riders cool off at the Finish Line.  Whoa!

Rarely do owners of a busy restaurants have time to visit our rides, but Dennis made an extra special effort.  He was making final trash runs until 9:00 P.M. on Saturday. Kendall's Cafe, the Palm Canyon Resort, and The Springs RV Resort and Golf Course are wonderful examples of outstanding sponsors, that any ride producer would love to have on board.

3. Full Century Finishers:  A total of 69 patient and determined cyclists completed the full century course. Here is the Full Century Finishers List, Congratulations! If we missed you at the Finish Line, please email Jim with your Bib # in the subject line. To be recognized as a Full Century Finisher, you must have registered for the Full Course.  The list will be updated as necessary. Click here for a direct link to the 2010 Salton Sea Century Sport Action Photos webpage.

4.  Photos:  The event photographers, Sport Action Photos, are hard at work matching helmet numbers to photos for the 900+ photos they took of riders on the course and at the Finish Line.  Riders will receive an email when the photos are posted on their website for review/purchase.  Here is the
direct link to their website for the 2010 Salton Sea Century.

5.  Time Trial:  The Timing Marshal validated three official Solo Time Trial finishers. Congrat's to all for outstanding performances! Paul Leek blazed through the course and set an Overall Course Record of 5:05:42.

      1st Place Overall:    5:05:42, Paul Leek, Laguna Niguel, CA 
      2nd Place Overall:   6:13:23, Raja Lahti, San Diego, CA
      3rd Place Overall:    7:05:42, Ansu Konneh, Manifee, CA

6.  Jerseys:  A ride jersey is an ultimate momento of a challenging century ride.  You earned it, now you can show the world!  There's still time to get a 2010 Salton Sea Jersey with the 2nd Production Run scheduled for mailing in Dec, '10.  If you wish to order a jersey, please email
Jim, by Wed, with your size, quantity, and shipping address.  The order will be placed with Voler on Thu, Oct 21, '10.  Please mail a check for $75 to the address below.

      ST Promotions, LLC
      Attn: Jersey
      12374 Carmel Country Rd, #H108
      San Diego, CA 92130

7.  T-shirts:  Another nice way to remember your day in the desert is to purchase an event T-shirt.  See remaining 2010 Salton Sea Century inventory below.  These are high quality Hanes brand T-shirts, tagless, full-color front, with extra-wide 14-inch screen width.  To order, please email Jim with your desired size, quantity, and address.  Mail check for $20 to the address below.

       Unisex sizes remaining inventory:

             Medium:  8
             Large:   5
             Extra Large:  3
             2XL:  1

      ST Promotions, LLC
      Attn:  T-shirt
      12374 Carmel Country Rd, #H108
      San Diego, CA  92130

For more Shadow Tour items:   Please visit the Shadow Tour Store.

You're invited to join us on Saturday, Jan 15, '11 for another great ride on roads less traveled:  the 7th Annual 2011 Stagecoach Century.  Be sure to use promocode "SHADOW10" (all caps) to save $10.  Act now, because the "Super Saver" price deadline is Oct 31, '10. Now that you've experienced the desert in fall, you'll be amazed how much it changes by winter. It's remarkable and worth the trip!

Thanks again for joining us. We are well aware of the time and expense of participating in the Salton Sea Century. We sincerely appreciate your joining us and we hope you had a safe, enjoyable and memorable ride. If you enjoyed yourself on this event, please pass the word to your friends about Shadow Tour.

Best Wishes,
Jim & Larry

2010 SSC Photo
Courtney & Karen (Carlsbad, CA) and Tom (RSF, CA)