2011 PDC Oct Rider Updates/Rider Instructions

Email sent Oct 20, '11

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Dear Palm Desert Century Registered Rider,

Thank You for joining the Inaugural Holland Cycles Palm Desert Century (PDC).  We're proud to report a strong field size of 600+ pre-registered riders.  That's a fantastic start.  Thanks for all your help in spreading the word!


With just over 3 weeks until PDC rolls on Sat, Nov 12, '11, it's time to provide very important specifics about the ride.  Please take about 30 minutes to carefully read this email and study your Rider Instructions.  Also review the Course Strip Map, containing vital course and support details.

1.  Rider Instructions:  You may download the Rider Instructions, or view on the website.  Please study the 3 pages.  There is also a 1-page Course Strip Map.  Cue Sheets with turn-by-turn directions for all courses will be at packet pick up.  

 Highlighted below are some of the most important details: 

a.  Start/Finish Directions & Location:  University Park

      -  Address:  74-902 College Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92211

      -  Google Maps/Directions:  Click here
      -  Park is newly constructed.  Use care with GPS devices and Mapquest.
      -  Actual Start/Finish:  Traffic Circle at the South end of University Park
          (near the entrance from Cook St)
      -  San Diego Riders:  We do not recommend driving on CA-79 through
           Temecula.  Best route to Palm Desert: I-15 to I-215 to CA-60 to I-10.
           Cook St is Exit 134 off I-10, then 2 blocks south, turn right into park. 

b.  Event Parking:

Opens at 5:30 A.M, Sat, Nov 12, '11
-  Parking Volunteers/Police will direct arriving riders.
-  Be Patient!   PDC is a Rage-Free Zone!  (it's way too early to stress). 
-  Primary Parking:  University Village Parking Lots
-  Overflow Parking:  CSUSB Campus Parking Lot "B" (ONLY), located
    directly across Cook St.  Campus Lot "B" closes at 6:00 P.M.
-  Do not park in areas marked "No Parking" or "No Event Parking"
We're very fortunate to have permission to use these lots! 
    Please be cool out there.  Don't park in Homewood Suites spaces
    (unless you're a guest), nor in Carl's Jr spaces.  If in doubt, don't! 

c.  Rider Packet Pick up:  Riders may pick up packets on Fri or Sat.

       -  Fri, Nov 11, '11

           University Park, Registration Tent, next to the basketball court
           Noon to 8:00 P.M.
           May pick up friends' packets with permission note/email
           Walk-up Reg's, if not sold out.  Visit website first.  Cash only in park.
           Fri:  2-hr parking in University Village Lot  
         -Sat, Nov 12, '11

           University Park, Registration Tent, next to the basketball court
           5:45 to 8:00 A.M.
           May pick up friend's packets with permission note/email
           Walk-up Reg's, if not sold out.  Visit website first.  Cash only in park.
           Sat Event Parking in Univ. Village Lots & CSUSB Lot "B" until 6:00 P.M.

d.  Safety:  Rider safety is the most important aspect of the event.  

        -  This is a "Rules of the Road" event, meaning riders must comply with
            all Traffic Laws, including stopping at red Light Signals and Stop signs.
        -  Red Zones:   Potentially hazardous areas, max speed of 20 MPH, ride
            single file, with Extra Caution, as far to the right as safely possible.
            (1)  Ave 52 Traffic Circle:  Flow only North & South on Jefferson St.
                   thru Traffic Circle.  Traffic Circle is not a course turnaround point.

            (2)  Box Canyon Rd:  Both directions, ride to the right, call out passing
                   vehicles, watch for uneven road surfaces.  USE EXTRA CARE!

            (3)   Ave 42 Left Turn:  On return to Palm Desert. Be very careful
                    merging left to turn lane.  Never "force" right-of-way.  Be Safe.

            (4)   All Left Turns on the course require extra vigilence.  Use arm
                    signals to communicate your intentions to traffic.  Announce
                    "Turning Left/Right!" to other riders.
       -  Riders ignoring Traffic Laws may be ticketed by Police, and will be
           disqualified from the event, and will not receive credit for completing
           the Full Century/Time Trial.  PDC is not a race, so just take 'er easy!
        -  Bottom Line:  STAY ALERT!  Protect yourself at all times.  Ride
            safely and defensively, like your life depends on it, because it does!

e.  Bike Inspection:  We strongly recommend a complete Tune up and Safety
      Inspection of your bicycle prior to PDC.  The desert is no place for worn,
      or questionable tires, brakes, or wheels.  Bike parts wear out, it's a fact of
      life.  Each rider is responsible for their own bicycle.  Mechanics will roam
      the course on Sat.  Pay mechanics for any parts they replace

f.  Start Times:  There will be a 'Start Window' from 7:00- 8:00 A.M. on Sat.
     Volunteers will segment riders into waves of 50, starting every 2-3 min.
     This is a mandatory Permit requirement.  Full Century Course riders
     should be in position near the park Traffic Circle Start Line by 7:00 A.M.  
     All riders may start from 7:00 to 8:00 A.M, regardless of distance.


2.  Volunteers Needed:  Anyone interested in volunteering at PDC please
        contact Jim.  Please visit PDC Vols page for positions available.  Thanks!

3.  Roy's Desert Resource Center:  The Official PDC Charity is Roy's Desert Resource Center.  Their fundraising arm is the Friends of Roy's Foundation.  These fine organizations assist homeless citizens (mostly families) in Coachella Valley using a unique 120-day program.  Their clients may not be addicts or convicted felons/sex offenders.  They have an astounding 80% success rate!

The bulk of 2011 PDC volunteers are from Roy's & Friends of Roy's.  Let's all return the favor!  Here's the link to donate.  Click through for yourself.  See the many riders who have already opened their hearts.  We send our sincere Gratitude and Thanks.  Donating to Roy's cements the PDC commitment to assist local citizens and fosters Goodwill among the Desert Cities and Local Agencies.

Please reward Roy's volunteers by making a generous donation.  100% of the proceeds go directly to those in need.  It's a wonderful way to help them help themselves, restore confidence, and get back on their feet.  Many Thanks!

4.  Rider Levels:  This new webpage provides a wealth of no-nonsense advice on how to prepare and ride PDC.   There are comprehensive details about the course, weather factors, hydration techniques, and more.  Your input is requested following the ride to improve this advice for future riders.

5.  Preparation:  Preparation is the key to a successful desert ride.  That includes the obvious, being well-conditioned for the distance you wish to ride, but it also includes mental prep.  Become well-informed about the event.  Study the Rider Instructions ahead of time.  Knowing what to expect builds confidence and leaves less to chance.  It also widens the safely margin.  Have a Ride Plan in advance.  Use a checklist before leaving home to ensure you have your helmet, shoes, gloves, full water bottles, etc.  Make the last checklist item a final visit to the Palm Desert website for last-minute changes, or updates.  PDC is the 18th Shadow Tour cycling event.  We've learned things can (and usually do) change at the last minute.  Weather is a good example.  Be flexible!  

6.  Ride Smart:  A 100-mile ride is a supreme single-day endurance test.  Treat it with much due respect.  Break your own ride distance into bite-sized chunks.  Don't exceed your limits.  Non-emergency SAG's are no fun, sitting on the floor of a bumpy cargo van.  Ride one Rest Stop at a time.  Plan your Ride & Ride your Plan!

7.  Go Easy on Vols and be Cool:   Vol's are doing their best to support you, but they won't know every event detail.  Be flexible!  It's the 1st year for PDC.  We'll listen carefully and implement your constructive feedback in future years.  Perfection is our Goal, not our Promise.  Take care of yourself and be safe.  Help other PDC riders needing assistance if you can.  Be the Rock Steady Rider who reads the instructions, knows what to expect, and follows all the rules.     


1.  Palm Desert Jerseys:  


      a.  1st Production Run: The 1st run of jerseys was submitted to Voler on
           Sep 15, '11.  These jerseys will be available at the event.  Price: $70.

      b.  2nd Production Run:  Includes optional jersey orders from Sep 15 through
            Nov 17.  These jerseys will be mailed in Jan '12 (free shipping).  Riders will
            have a "last chance" to order jerseys after the event.  PDC round-up email
            will have details immediately following the ride.  Price: $70.

       c.   Inventory:  A few jerseys will be for sale at the event.  These jerseys are
             not for 2nd Production Run orders.  Price:  $75 (Fri) and $80 (Sat).  


2011 PDC Jersey Front  2011 PDC Jersey Back  

2.  Official Event Charity:  Friends of Roy's Foundation

      Roy's Desert Resource Center provides assistance to individuals and families throughout Coachella Valley, which covers all communities along the Palm Desert Century route.  This vital Non-profit entity is entirely supported by community and individual donations.   Roy's is not a traditional homeless shelter.  The staff runs background checks and carefully screens each applicant.  Eligible clients are mostly families who are homeless, drug free, physically able to care for themselves, and have not been convicted of violent felonies or sexual offenses.  There are many families in the 129-bed facility struggling to get back on their feet.  The program is incredibly successful, boasting an 80% success rate in returning clients to productive lives within 120 days of entry to the program.

     The Friends of Roy's Foundation (FOR) is an important new non-profit foundation.  They have joined forces with Shadow Tour to create a win-win scenario.  Led by Jim Hicks, a respected long-time Palm Desert resident and Board Member, and Denise Welsh, a local businesswoman and energetic volunteer, FOR will recruit and organize volunteers from it's own ranks and Roy's Desert Resource Center, to create a substantial volunteer base for the Palm Desert Century.  They will be visible everywhere, directing morning parking, staffing Rest Stops, handing out cold Vitalyte, at key intersections, collecting timing chips at Chiraco Summit, handing out finisher's medals, and more.

    Volunteering gives individuals and families currently enrolled in the program a chance to restore their self-confidence.  They become an essential part of a Roy's team fund-raising effort.  They will clearly recognize the importance of the volunteer role they play in supporting riders.  Riders will see it too.   These days it's rare to have a highly motivated local volunteer base.  Shadow Tour is humbled and is contributing to Friend's of Roy's.  But the potentially more significant assistance comes from individual rider generosity.

     Here's a link to the fund-raising campaign associated with the Palm Desert Century.  Please visit the website and donate today.  Whether it's $10 or $1,000, let's all do what we can to support this worthwhile effort and build goodwill for the event throughout Coachella Valley at the same time.  Unlike some major rides, we are not mandating a contribution.  We're leaving it up to you.   The goal is to raise $10,000 the 1st year.  That should be about $10 per rider.  It's a worthy cause and natural fit for the event.   They help us, we help them.  Simple as that.  Please click through now and make it happen--we're counting on you!  There's even a nifty & simple turnkey way to create your own mini fundraising campaign.  Let's all get behind this.  Thanks! 

                                                  Friend's of Roy's

3.  Custom Finishers Medal and Pin:  All registered riders receive a custom
      Finishers Medal and Pin.

                2011 PDC Finishers Medal                
2011 PDC Custom Pin

4.   Fineline Custom T-shirt:  Pre-ordered optional T-shirts will be available
       at the event.  A limited supply of inventory T-shirts will be available.

                                       2011 PDC T-shirt
5.  New PDC Gallery:  Click here to visit the new flash version of the 2011 Palm Desert Century course preview photos.  All photos courtesy of Armando Estrada, Sport Action Photos (Official PDC Photographer).

6.  Friend us on Facebook!

      Palm Desert Century Fan Page

      Shadow Tour Group


We'll be in touch in early Nov with a Final Rider Update.  Until then, enjoy your fall season cycling and please keep it safe out there!


~Jim & Larry

Jim Knight
Larry Gitman

Shadow Tour, LLC

Editor's Note:   Apologies, in advance, for any mistakes, typo's, oversights, or factual errors in this Newsletter.  Visit shadowtour.com for corrections, if applicable.  As always, I'll work to improve in the future.   ~Jim

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