2012 Stagecoach Round Up

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Sunrise in Ocotillo Jan '11
Official Charity: Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

  8th Annual 2012
  Stagecoach Century
     and Time Trials

Date:  Sat, Jan 14, '12

  Ocotillo, CA
(80 miles east of San Diego, just off I-8)

Start Window:

 7:00-7:10 A.M: Time Trial
 7:10-9:00 A.M: All Riders

Distances:  26, 50, 73, 84, 90, and 100 miles.

Out-and-back route allows riders to chose own distances.   

Registered Rider
s as of 1/14/12

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8th Annual 2012 Stagecoach Century
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Dear Sturdy Rider,

The 2012 Stagecoach Century Stampede is now part of Wild West history. This Round Up summarizes some high points. We hope everyone had a positive and memorable experience out on the Great Southern Overland!

We offer our sincere gratitude to all Stagecoach Riders, Volunteers, and Sponsors.  In particular, we thank the Desert Volunteers of Ocotillo for staffing the Start/Finish, and Shelter Valley Citizen's Corp Volunteers, for staffing Rest Stops #3, #4, #5, and the Lunch Stop. Thanks also to the San Diego/Hawaii Team in Training and Boy Scout Troops 208 & 319 at Rest Stop #1, and the Knickerbikers, So Cal Coasters, and Semper Fi Fund at Rest Stop #2.

We're pleased to report a final total of 701 Registered Riders accepted the Stagecoach challenge.   The field included riders from 17 States, including the warm states of MN, WI, and NY.  There were also riders from American Samoa and Alberta, Canada.  A phenomenal 402 riders were Full Century Finishers!  Here's the link to the Full Century Finishers List.  Riders who registered for the Full Century, completed it, but did not check in with the Timing Booth, or if your name is missing, please email Jim with your Bib#/Name in the subject line.  The Full Century Finishers List will be periodically updated until Feb 1st, when the list will be FINAL and no additions will be made.  

Special kudos go out to Karen Finkelstein & Courtney Krehbiel, from Carlsbad, CA, completing their 17th (of 18) Shadow Tour Century rides.  Other veteran Shadow Tour riders included Amy Snyder, La Jolla, CA (14), Patti Thomas, La Jolla, CA (14), Kyle Freitas, Escondido, CA (12), James Hall, Poway, CA (11), Natalie Fennel, Irvine, CA (11), Martin Bernstein, Long Beach, CA (10), David Ostermann, El Centro, CA (10), and Dave Moser, Valley Center (10).  Rick Stewart, from Vista, CA, extended his perfect attendance streak of all 8 January Stagecoach Centuries.   Rick is the only rider who has completed all Jan Stagecoach Centuries.  We were also honored to have 65 riders with 6 or more Shadow Tour rides and there were 287 with 1 or more previous rides.

Regardless of distance ridden, or previous Shadow Tour events, Congratulations to all Stagecoach riders on your achievement.  You've earned big time bragging rights.  Most cyclists have at least heard of Stagecoach; either by participation, or by it's tall and intimidating reputation.  Fear & Respect ride side-by-side at Stagecoach.  You knew this going in, accepted the challenge head-on, eyes wide open.  That takes some Real Brass, and we say "Job Well Done!"

And to those who would say the conditions were "easy," try this little pop quiz:  everyone who finished without chapped lips, raise your hand.  Not too many hands up.  Conditions at Stagecoach have never been "easy." Likely never will be.  Dry desert air, cold & hot temps, wind, fog, rain, snow, micro-bursts, wind devils, they're all out there.  Let's not forget a tough course with 4,685 feet of climbing, in mid-Jan.  There was the early 10-mile climb up to Canyon Sin Nombre.  Then the Campbell Grade "Wall" at mile 29.  Then a grinder climb up to the highest point on the ride past Box Canyon.  And the downright nasty Sweeney Pass hairpin turn/climb at mile 87.  And the always fun, bone-rattling, 95th mile.  Uggg!  But it's all good, because all of this is what makes Stagecoach unique and even more worthwhile and rewarding.  The Stagecoach Finishers Medal can only be earned with enormous determination, commitment, and effort.  Coincidentally, the very same traits associated with successful individuals in all walks of life.


Many Riders have expressed concern for Tom Cargile, 74, Vista, CA, who was airlifted by Life Flight following his crash near Rest Stop #2.  Tom touched the wheel of his riding partner in front of him and went down hard, injuring his head, hands, and shoulder.  His helmet was broken in the fall.  Several Good Samaritan riders rushed to his aid and stayed until Medical support arrived from Shelter Valley.  Our event CHP Officer also responded, as did one of our SAG Mechanics (Eagle Scout & EMT qualified) Matt McDaniel, owner of Traction Bicycles, who helped stabilize Tom.  Subsequent cranial CAT Scans were clear.  No bones were broken, but he suffered serious abrasions to his hands, requiring surgery.  Surgery may be necessary to repair tendons in his shoulder.

Tom's brother, John Cargile, provided an update on Tom's condition and asked Shadow Tour to relay the following info.  "As for Tom, his injuries are severe, but not life threatening ... though they certainly could have been.  For anyone who wishes to contact Tom, please do.  He will be home mending for quite some time and would like to hear from interested people.  He can be reached at cargilethomas@gmail.com."

Clearly, wearing a helmet saved Tom's life.  We wish him all the Best for a Swift & Complete Recovery.  Riders are encouraged to contact Tom with personalized messages.

Brothers Cargile have 8 Shadow Tour rides between them.  Tom's crash is a vivid reminder that cycling requires our constant attention, every single rolling second, regardless of experience, age, or level of fitness.


Weather played it's recurring starring role. Cool morning temps in the mid 40's F greeted riders, with eerily mild 5 mph winds. Riders battled medium headwinds all the way to the Turnaround.  The fastest riders reported chilly, but manageable, high 30s F temps at the turn.  That's the Desert being the Desert in mid-Jan.  Expect curve balls.  Skies were partly cloudy, with periods of sun most of the day.  Temps warmed into the 60's F down in the Badlands on the return.  Extremely dry air exacted it's toll, leaving some riders dehydrated later in the day.  Winds remained mostly calm through the wide Agua Caliente S-turns on the return to Ocotillo, and were calm all day at the Start/Finish.

For the first time, the Stagecoach Time Trial was timed using high tech timing chips by CEP Timing.  Owner Jason Kometsky, Official Timer of the El Tour de Tucson, was personally onsite to time the event.  Jason also handled the timing at the recent 2011 Palm Desert Century.  Preliminary Results are posted here.  Results go Final on Fri, Jan 20, '12.

The main event at the Time Trial was an Old West style shootout in the Team Time Trial.  Broadcom Team A, Irvine, CA, returned to defend their Title & TTT Course Record from 2011.  San Diego Descenders A Team, 3X Stagecoach TTT Champion & former TTT Course Record Holder, was determined to avenge their 2nd Place finish from 2011.

Co-Founder Jim witnessed part of this respectful rivalry build during the Spring & Fall while riding at the Alpine Challenge and Tour de Poway events.  Both teams trained extremely hard preparing for Stagecoach.

When the smoke cleared at the Finish Line, Broadcom Team A emerged victorious, obliterating their own TTT Course Record in a magnificent time of 4:39:23.  Less than 2 min later, the Descenders A Team crossed in 4:41:15.  Both teams gapped down the previous TTT Course Record of 4:46:30.  In the Finish area, both teams displayed genuine Sportmanship & Class as they traded stories among themselves and cheered in other teams.  While the rivalry exists, so too does Friendship & Good Times.  We look forward to the 2013 Showdown!

There were more fireworks in the Solo Men's Division, just not in the form of an existing rivalry.  Local distance cycling sensation Drew Peterson, 40, El Cajon, CA, rode blazing fast, managing his effort with amazing precision as he cruised to a 1st Place Finish in 4:47:31.  Just behind him, closing fast, was Paul Leek, 47, Laguna Niguel, CA, in 2nd Place in 4:47:41, just 10 sec back!  Paul was the Solo Time Trial Champion and holds the Course Record at the Salton Sea Century, set in 2010.  Both Drew & Paul are top-notch riders at many events during the year.  In 3rd Place was Mark Caporale, 36, La Mesa, CA in a terrific time of 4:48:48, followed in 4th Place by the 2011 Palm Desert Time Trial Champion/Course Record Holder, David Bruemmer, 35, San Marcos, CA in a solid 4:54:53.  In 5th Place was Thomas Nelson, 42, Carlsbad, CA in 5:00:25.  Thomas is a Navy Physician recently returned from a Combat Tour in Afghanistan.  He also organized a fund-raising effort for the Semper Fi Fund resulting in over $2,000 in Donations.   Outstanding work by all Top Five!    

In the Solo Women's Division, Tracy Tilton, 26, La Habra, CA rode away with a convincing win in 5:58:40.  In 2nd Place was Diane Parks, 48, Mission Viejo, CA in 6:41:24.  3rd Place was Lisa Dold, 46, Irvine, CA in 6:49:59, 4th Place was Sherry Rennard, 50, Costa Mesa, CA, in 7:10:21, followed one second later by 5th Place finisher April Morris, 53, Anaheim, CA, in 7:10:22.  We applaud the fine efforts of these Top Finishers!

The Tandem Team crown went to The Tandem Twitch, with riders Jack & Kathy Twitch, Pomona, CA, who rode strong, earning 1st Place honors in 6:67:51.

Some excellent video footage was shot at Stagecoach.  Riders Brennan, Blair, and Peter loaded a fun video of their ride on You Tube.  Josh Allard, Director/Producer at uRidetv.com, produced an amazingly complete recap of nearly the entire ride in his Uridetv video.  More videos are in the works, we'll post all of them on the website soon.  We send our sincere thanks!

Sport Action Photos was the official event photographer.  They are diligently matching over 4,000 rider photos to Bib Numbers.  They expect most photos to be ready by Wed, Jan 18.  Photos may be purchased by visiting their website.  Riders will also receive email notification when their photos are ready.  Armando Estrada is a true artist in capturing action in his photos.  Please check them out!

Last Chance for Stagecoach Jerseys!  The 2nd Production Run of Stagecoach Jerseys will be sent to Voler on Fri, Jan 20, '12.  If you wish to place an order, download the Order Form and Fax to 858-356-9596 by 5:00 P.M. (PST) on Fri, Jan 20, '12.  Alternatively, riders may call Jim with their order at 858-692-6220.  Please have credit cards ready when you call.  The cost is $70, which includes tax + shipping.  The 2nd P/R of jerseys will be mailed in mid-March.  The mail date will be posted on the Stagecoach webpage in the "Latest News" section.

There's also still time to make a donation to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.  It's easier than you think.  Just click on the Donation Link and it will provide a secure gateway to make a donation of any amount.  It's fast & easy, only takes a couple minutes.  Totally painless.  And after you donate, you'll sure feel good about it!  This is your chance to help our severely injured Marines.  Some will carry the scars of their brave service for life.  They sacrificed much, now they need our help.  Semper Fi Fund riders joined you on the Stagecoach course.  Others were helping you with Vitalyte & energy items at Rest Stop #2. 

They have asked for nothing.  But Shadow Tour is asking!  Please open your hearts to these fine young Americans and donate whatever you can, even $5 helps.  The current Stagecoach online donations total $3,868, plus about $500 in cash donations from riders on Saturday (very cool!).  Let's get the total number above $5,000!   We extend our most sincere gratitude to Stagecoach riders, friends, and family members who have supported this fund-raising campaign!

Next up on the Shadow Tour ride calendar is the 4th Annual Fiesta Metric Century on Sat, Jun 9, '12.  The Fiesta Metric is at the opposite end of the intensity scale from Stagecoach.  It's a family oriented Mellow Summer Ride, with a Start and Finish in Downtown San Diego, by the Bay.  The ride visits the waterfront, Bonita, Chula Vista, Otay Lakes, and Jamul on an easy out-and-back course.

Post ride, enjoy the included Mexican feast catered by the Historic El Indio Restaurant, and dance to live music by Manny Cepeda and his Salsa Band.  There's also Exhibitor and Sponsor Booths in the Finish area located in the north lot of the San Diego County Admin Bldg, 1600 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA  92101.   Best Prices start at $55 for the Full Metric, and $40 for the Short Course.  Stagecoach Riders may receive a 10% discount using promocode FIESTA10 (all caps).  See coupon below for details.   

Stagecoach T-shirts:


Stagecoach Jerseys:

Larry at Chiriaco Summit Nov 24 '10
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Larry at Chiriaco Summit Nov 24 '10
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Stagecoach is a unique event in many ways.  Our #1 source of new riders comes from previous riders telling their friends.  We are very proud of this.  For 2012, more than ever, we need your referrals to encourage more riders to accept the Stagecoach challenge by registering.

     a.  Facebook:  Below is a link to the Stagecoach Facebook page.  We invite you to become a Fan of Stagecoach and invite your friends to join.  It's a great way to share stories, post photos, and join discussions.

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 Sponsor Corral:

Pearl Izumi:  Pearl Izumi is back as a Proud Sponsor of the Stagecoach Century!  Due to unforeseen staffing constraints, Pearl Izumi cannot be at the Fri/Sat expo's.  Riders may visit the Factory Outlet store and receive 15% off on high tech winter cycling gear.  Mention Stagecoach.  858-793-0366.

       Del Mar Factory Store
       12845 El Camino Real
       San Diego, CA 92130

Moment Cycle Sport:  Showing up in the wrong clothes is just as bad as showing up with no clothes at all. Don't get caught naked in the desert! 20% off long finger gloves, baselayers, knee & arm warmers, and jackets from Moment Cycle Sport, your official cold weather outfitter for the Stagecoach Century! Visit the shop before you head out, or stop by our booth at the Mission Valley Resort early packet pick up on Fri, Jan 13th! www.momentcyclesport.com 619-523-2453 .  
Leucadia Cyclery:  Mention Stagecoach to receive 10% discount off most parts and accessories, including Tune-ups!  Owner Fred is a cool guy with incredible knowledge.

Attorney Richard Duquette offers some wise legal advice for riders:  "Don't skimp on insurance!".  Check out his article on Under/Uninsured Motorists.  Richard and wife Kim, are avid cyclists, triathletes, and Stagecoach Vets.  Contact Richard at 760-730-0500.  Here's his link

Mission Valley Resort:  The Host Hotel for Stagecoach is offering riders a special price of $69 plus tax.  Click here for more details.

Comfort Inn & Suites
:  In El Centro, 27 miles east of Ocotillo. Offering special $75 + tax rate for Stagecoach riders.  Call Mike at 760-335-3502.

Sport Action Photos:  Official photographer, specializing in capturing unique action-oriented rider photos at affordable prices.

Traction Bicycles Mobile Repair:  Will be at Stagecoach providing SAG support.  We specialize in all bicycles, from a child's first bike to high-end tri-bikes.  Call Matt for an appointment at 619-379-5150.          




We appreciate your participation at the 2012 Stagecoach.  Thanks for being careful and watching out for one another on the ride.  Enjoy the rest of your Winter & Spring cycling.  As always, stay alert every rolling second.  We look forward to seeing everyone this summer at the Fiesta Metric!

Tailwinds To All,    


Jim & Larry


Managing Members 

Shadow Tour, LLC

Editor's Note: Apologize in advance, for any typo's, omissions, oversights, factual errors, or other goofs & glitches. Any necessary corrections will appear on the website. Thanks for your understanding.  ~Jim

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