2014 Fiesta Metric Rider Instructions Email

Email Sent May 29, '14

2013 Fiesta Metric Century

                    2014 Fiesta Metric Century 

Rider Instructions

Thanks for joining the 6th Annual Fiesta Metric Century on Sat, Jun 7, '14 in Downtown San Diego, CA.  The ride is only 10 days away!  This Rider Update email contains important links to your Rider Instructions and highlights some vital details.  Take about 30 minutes to carefully read every word of this email AND the 2-page Rider Instructions.  Carefully review the Cue Sheet & Strip Map.  Visit the website one final time before departing for the ride.  Any last-minute changes, or updates, will be posted in the "2014 Latest News" section.

There are currently 226 Registered Riders.  Please tell your cycling friends about the Fiesta Metric. There are 74 rider slots open!  See Friends & Family coupon below for a special 15% discount. 

The big news for 2014, is the completion of the Waterfront Park at the San Diego County Offices Building.  Our Start/Finish venue is located inside the park on the southwest lawn, directly across Harbor Drive from the Star of India, floating in the San Diego Bay.  The new Waterfront Park has many features, such as a fantastic water feature, hardscape restrooms, outdoor rinse showers. picnic tables, and expansive grassy areas to relax & enjoy the sunshine and cool ocean breezes.  However, as with any new public facility, there are new/evolving policies.  Parking is in much higher demand.  There are also many more daily park visitors.  We ask all riders to be patient.  We'll do our best to keep everyone informed prior to the event of any unexpected event changes.  Please visit the  Fiesta Metric website, before departing for the ride, for any final updates & announcements.   

1. General:
Below are highlights of key information for the ride.  All the details are also posted on the the Shadow Tour website (www.shadowtour.com).
               Click here to go directly to the Fiesta Metric Century webpage.

2.  Rider Instructions/Cue Sheet/Course Map:
  For your safety and understanding of important details of the ride, all riders must read/review the following items before starting the ride:
      a.  Rider Instructions, Cue Sheet, Strip Map, download here 
      b.  San Diego County Liability Waiver,  download here (bring to packet pick-up) 
      c.  Course Cue Sheet (turn-by-turn directions),  download here 
      d.  Course Strip Map,  download here
      e.  Strava Full Course with elevation profile,  click here
3.  Packet Pick-up/Registration: 

Fri, Jun 6th, Noon - 8:00 P.M.
  Hampton Inn San Diego-Downtown (Host Hotel), 1531 Pacific Hwy 
, San Diego, CA  92101.  The Hampton Inn is directly across the street from the Start/Finish area.  Friends may pick up packets for other riders with a signed note or printed email authorizing release of the packets.  Riders may register on Friday with Credit Card or Cash only (ATM onsite).  Free 10-min parking inside the Hampton Inn underground parking facility.  For information on Special Hampton Inn Rider Rates, click here.

Sat,  Jun 7th, 6:00 - 7:30 A.M.   Southwest lawn of new Waterfront Park at San Diego County Offices Bldg, 1600 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, 92101 (directions).  Limited all day free parking in the underground lot until contracted free passes are exhausted.  When free passes run out, normal rates apply ($20/day).  Parking controlled by ABM Parking (more details below).  Riders may register on Saturday, cash or credit only (ATM is located at the Hampton Inn, or at the Holiday Inn).      

4.  Event Master Timetable:
  Sat, Jun 7, '14

5:45 A.M.                        Parking lot opens, south underground ABM lot (Ash St.)
6:00 - 7:30 A.M.            Registration/Packet Pick-up
6:30 - 7:30 A.M.            Wave starts of 25 riders at 3-minute intervals
10:30 A.M.-1:30 P.M.   Post-ride Mexican Buffet hosted by El Indio open
10:30 A.M.                      Rest Stop #2, at Lower Otay Lakes, closes
11:30 A.M.                       Rest Stop #3, at Thousand Trails, closes
1:00 P.M.                         Rest Stop #1/#4, at Bonita Plaza/Bikepath, closes
Noon                                 Mandatory turnaround; all riders must be returning
                                          to Start/Finish
2:00 P.M:                        Course/Event officially closes.    

Shadow Tour has contracted with ABM Parking for a limited quantity of free parking passes for paid riders in the South Underground Parking Lot of the San Diego County Office Bldg at 1600 Pacific Hwy.  Enter from Ash St.  This parking lot opens at 5:45 A.M. on Sat, Jun 7th (do not arrive earlier than 5:45 A.M.).  Volunteers will issue parking passes to arriving rider vehicles at the parking lot entrance, 1st come, 1st served, until supplies are exhausted.   Be sure to remove all roof-mounted bicycles before entering the underground parking structure.
When all free parking passes have been issued, riders may still park in the Underground Lot, but MUST PAY $20 (cash or credit) for a full-day pass at the entrance.  Do not park in the 50 spaces reserved for County Officials.  Other nearby parking lots range in price $15-20/per day.  ABM has additional surface parking lots on Pacific Hwy. at the Broadway intersection (about 2 blocks away).
D0wntown parking has tightened radically in recent years, and even more with the opening of the new Waterfront Park. No other event we know of provides any free Downtown parking!  This is the best Shadow Tour can do for Fiesta Metric riders.  Car-pooling is encouraged to save gas & share parking fees, as applicable.  Many Thanks for your understanding & cooperation!
SUMMARY: To park in the South Underground Lot:  (1) Have a Parking Pass, OR (2) Purchase a Parking Pass from the attendant at the entrance. Display your Parking Pass on the front dashboard facing the windshield. Vehicles without passes may be cited, or towed, at owner's expense.

6.  Red Zones:
  RED ZONES are potentially hazardous areas and require EXTRA CAUTION, reduce speed to max of 20 MPH, stay as far to the right as safely possible, and always ride single file.

Red Zones for Outbound & Return sections of the routes:

Harbor Dr:  Watch for old railroad tracks & rough road surfaces.  To safely cross RR tracks, aim front wheel at 90-degree angle (t-bone technique), if necessary, stop & walk over.  There are RR tracks at miles 3 & 5, and again at the same locations on the return route.  There are also many sections of rough pavement inbound & returning.  Use extra caution in these areas.  Call out and point out all obstacles & RR tracks to riders following closely behind you.

Harbor Dr & Civic Center Dr Intersection:  Watch for diagonal railroad tracks on Civic Center Dr, immediately after turning right off Harbor Dr.  OBEY THE STOP SIGN prior to the RR tracks!  All riders must come to a complete stop.  Stay right, single file, and point out tracks to riders following closely behind. 

Sweetwater Bikepath: Watch for riders/walkers. Ride single file, use extra caution when passing through narrow entrances & exits.

San Miguel/Proctor Valley Rd:
  Narrow roads, stay as far to right as possible.  On return section of San Miguel Rd, watch for uneven curb cement on the descent.

Otay Lakes Rd:
  Higher vehicle traffic at faster speeds.  Use Extreme caution, stay to right, ride single file.  Don't stop on Otay Lakes Rd until Rest Stop #3.
7.  Weather:  Current AccuWeather San Diego forecast calls for "Mostly Sunny" with a Hi of 70F, Lo of 63F. Please arrive on Saturday with full water bottles, as it will be warmer inland. Water & Vitalyte (Citris & Grape flavors) will be at all rest stops, so stay well hydrated. Limited supplies of ice will be on-hand to chill Vitalyte only. Water is in individual 1-gal jugs for rapid self-service. For sanitary reasons, do not handle ice at rest stops. Staff & Vol's will add more ice if temps climb into the 90's F (not expected).

8. Bike Inspection:
  All riders must individually insure their bicycle is mechanically sound and equipped with working brakes and fully serviceable wheels and tires.  WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND every rider take their bicycle in for a professional tune-up and safety inspection prior to the ride.  Replace questionable components, especially tires. Matt, owner of Traction Bicycles, will be providing mechanic support on the course.  He also offers mobile services and can service bicycles at your home or office.  Traction Bicycles will be at the Start/Finish early  Sat morning before he begins patrolling the course.  Please pay mechanics directly for parts they provide.  All riders need to carry (at the minimum) a spare tube, tire levers, and a mini pump, or air cartridges with valve adapter.

9.  Bike Security:  Maintain a close eye on your bicycle at all times inside the Start/Finish venue.  There will be many park visitors, not associated with the event.  After completing the ride, there are bike racks available, but we cannot guarantee security.  After finishing the ride, we recommend returning your bike to your vehicle, or locking it to the bike racks.  Be sure to also lock your bike if it's on a car rack.  There was a bicycle theft from a car rack in the parking lot last year.


10.  Full Metric Century Finishers:  Riders registered for the "Full Course," who complete the 62-mile route, need to check in with the Volunteers at the Finish to show their validation stamp from the Rest Stop #3 turnaround point.  Your Name & City will be added to the Official Full Metric Century Finishers list.   The final list will be displayed on the Shadow Tour website.  Short course riders are not eligible to receive credit for riding the full course.

11.  SCS Photoworks:  Scott & photographers from SCS Photoworks will be on the course and at the Finish, so be sure to say cheese and style for the cameras!  Please affix your Helmet # to the FRONT OF YOUR HELMET.  

12.  Help Spread the Word:
  There is no better way to grow the Fiesta Metric Century than for registered riders to encourage friends to sign up.  Thanks for spreading the word via email and Facebook!
                          Forward to a Friend                 Find us on Facebook   

13.  Jerseys & T-shirts:  Riders who pre-purchased Fiesta Metric Jerseys & T-shirts will receive them at packet pick-up.  Jerseys may also be purchased through a new Voler-direct process.  Click here to place orders; these jerseys are delivered directly to you in about one week.  There will be a small inventory of Jerseys & T-shirts at the event.

14.  Post-ride Meal  All paid riders receive an included post-ride Mexican Buffet in the Finish area (limited to one pass through the buffet line).  The meal is catered by El Indio Restaurant.  The buffet runs 10:30 A.M. - 1:30 P.M.  Cost for extra meals is $15 in advance/$18 on Sat.  Manny Cepeda's 3-man Salsa band will be providing live Salsa music in the Finish area post-ride.  Dancing is encouraged! 

15.  Official Event Charity:  For 2014, we're again Honored to welcome the Breast Cancer Fund (BCF) as the Official Fiesta Metric Charity.  The BCF Mission is to work to prevent breast cancer by eliminating exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the disease.  Please visit the Donation Link and show your support with whatever level of contribution you can afford.  There's even an easy way to reach out to Friends & Family to form your own personalized campaign. 

16.  Team Fun Volunteers:  We send our gratitude to the members of Team Fun, a San Diego women's cycling team, sponsored by Carbon Connection.  Their team members & friends are providing Volunteers at Rest Stops 1, 2, and 4.

17.  Sponsors:  We wish to acknowledge the outstanding support of our wonderful Sponsors & Exhibitors .  We extend our deep gratitude to all Sponsors, Volunteers, and Expo Exhibitors who helped make this ride possible.  A special Thank You to our bike shop sponsor, Moment Cycle Sport for their support over several years at the Fiesta Metric Century.  They have arranged for Volunteers at the Start/Finish, and will have an Expo Booth.  Be sure to stop by and say Hi! 


     Moment Cycle Sport  Visit our Expo Booth and save 10%! 

     Clif Bar 


     Breast Cancer Fund 

     Chamois Butt'r
     Nite Rider
     Selle Anatomica
     Arthritis Bike Classic Tour (Sep 13-20, '14)
     Team Fun 

     Hampton Inn San Diego-Downtown 

     El Indio Restaurant
     Manny Cepeda's Ritmo Caribe Salsa Band
     SCS Photoworks  
     Traction Bicycles      

     Daybreak Printing
     Design Maker Studio   
     San Diego Maritime Museum

18.  Memorabilia:
  A limited supply of extra 2014 Fiesta T-shirts and Jerseys will be available on Fri & Sat at the Registration Booth, 1st Come, 1st Served. Past Shadow Tour T-shirts, Jerseys, Medals, and Pins will also be on sale.  Stop by to catch some great deals on past inventory items!  Credit Card & Cash accepted. 

19.  Calling all Volunteers: 
 We always need volunteers!  Please contact Jim if you, or someone you know, is interested in helping.  Many Thanks!  

Thanks again to all Fiesta Metric Century riders.  We appreciate your patronage.  Thanks also for taking time to carefully read this email and for thoroughly studying the Rider Instructions & Maps in advance of the ride.  We wish you a safe & enjoyable Fiesta experience.


Jim Knight
Event Director
Shadow Tour, LLC


Fiesta Metric Shadow Tour Fade Logo 
Shadow Tour, LLC
Tel: 858-692-6220
Fax: 858-356-9596

IMPORTANT:   Please do not send direct email replies to this email message.  If you need to reach us, please click here for more contact options

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