2016 Palm Desert Century Round-up

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Saturday, Feb 18, 2017

Sat, Nov 11, 2017 (tent.) 
Nov 30th, 2016
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Dear Palm Desert Century Riders,     "

The 2016 Palm Desert Century (PDC) rolled as scheduled on Sat, Nov 12th, '16. Beautiful blue skies & light winds, helped make the 6th Annual PDC even more memorable.  This "Round up" email showcases some event highlights.

FIRST OFF, THANK YOU for participating!  We send our Congratulations to all riders, regardless of distance, or time, ridden.  Cycling in the desert can be a harsh & unforgiving--especially for new desert riders! Shadow Tour is proud of every rider for keeping it together, staying safe, riding your plan, following the Rider Instructions, and achieving your personal goals.

A Very Special Thank You to the Boys & Girls Club of Coachella Valley (BGCCV).  BGCCV Teen & Adult Volunteers constituted the entire Volunteer base, from Start to Finish!  Without them, this event would not be possible. We Thank them for their enthusiastic contributions during their "longest day" supporting every rider.  One teen said she got up at 3:30 am! Especially noteworthy were organizational and on-site efforts of Sofia & Jose.  This a vital BGCCV fund-raising platform, which benefits numerous club programs. Your generous Donations to their fund-raising efforts are Sincerely appreciated.

1.  The Field:  There were 436 Final Registered Riders:  294 Full Course + 142 Short Course Riders.  382 riders picked up packets on Fri & Sat.  The Preliminary Full Century Finishers List has 174 riders, including 6 Super Century Warriors.  The Full Century Finisher count will rise, as some riders may not have checked in at the finish, or crossed the finish line after the 5:00 P.M. course deadline.  Registered Riders traveled from 20 US States and Canada:

     California:  320             Alberta, Canada:  3
     Arizona:  10                    British Columbia, Canada:  1 
     Washington:  7              Manitoba, Canada:  2   

     Illinois:  5                       Ontario:  1
     Oregon:  5                      
     Indiana:  4                      Essex, UK: 1  

     Maryland:   3                     
     Michigan:  3    
     Nevada:  2                      
     Texas:  2                   
     Virginia:  2  

     Colorado:  1
     Minnesota:  1
     Missouri:  1
     North Carolina:  1
     Pennsylvania:  1
     Utah:  1
     Wisconsin:  1
     Wyoming:  1 

2.  Full Century Finishers:  If you registered for the FULL CENTURY, or FULL CENTURY W/TT, and you completed the 100, or 130 mile course, but your name is missing from the list, please send Jim an email with "100" (Full Century) or "130" (Super Century) and your Name & Bib # in the Subject Line.  The Full Century Finishers List will be updated through Wed, Nov 30, '16, then will be locked in.  Note: SHORT COURSE riders are not eligible.

3.  Preliminary Time Trial ResultsCEP Timing & Owner Jason Kornetsky, did another fabulous job capturing accurate results for TT Riders. Congrat's to all who opted-in for the 14.65 mile Solo TT through Box Canyon to Chiriacco Summit. Preliminary Results are posted on the CEP Timing website.

In the Men's Field, David Bruemmer made it victory #3 (2011, 2013, 2016), posting a blazing fast 45:13 solo effort.  Just 7 seconds back was fellow Swamis Bicycle Club & CA State TT Champion, Tom Nelson, Carlsbad, CA (45:20). 

In the Women's field, Alexandra Napier, Mountain Center, CA posted a strong result of 56:02, successfully defending her 2015 victory.  Multiple podium finisher, Stephanie Tischler, San Diego, CA, crossed next (57:15).

To resolve any timing issues, email CEP Timing prior to Noon on Fri, Nov 18, '16.  Results are OFFICIAL & FINAL at Noon Fri, Nov 18, '16.

     a.  Time Trial Preliminary Results:

          Overall Women:

          1st Place:  Alexandra Napier, Mt Ctr, CA                                 56:02
                              Women's Champion

          2nd Place: Stephanie Tischler, San Diego, CA
          3rd Place:  Mary Loe, Indio, CA
          4th Place:  Michelle Seidel, Anaheim, CA
          5th Place:  Constance Czeh Tammen, W Linn, OR


          Overall Men:

          1st Place:  David Bruemmer, Carlsbad, CA
                              Men's Champion 

          2nd Place: Thomas Nelson, Carlsbad, CA
          3rd Place:  John Newton, Dennett Square, PA
          4th Place:  Dean Hough, Yorba Linda, CA
          5th Place:  David Lee, Anaheim Hills, CA


     b.  Overall Results (All TT Participants):   Click here
     c.  Age Group Results:   Click here
     d.  Super Century Results:   Click here
4.  Last Chance Jerseys:   There's a new process in place that allows riders to order 2016 Palm Desert Jerseys directly from Voler (the manufacturer).

     a.  Order from Voler:   Orders will be shipped within
          ONE WEEK, with free shipping!  Click here to order.
          Price is $80/Jersey.

     b.  Remaining Inventory:   
           Price is  $80/Jersey, free shipping.
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        (2) Download & complete CC Authorization Form.
              -  Digitize the form and email to Jim, or
              -  Call in Credit Card info/sizes/quantities to Jim
                  at 858-692-6220
              -  Sorry, fax line has been disconnected.

5.  Last Chance "Tec" T-shirts:  Many riders were amazed by the soft-as-butter "Tec" Hanes Cool Dri T-shirts!  These T's can easily be worn as a base layer year-round.  Only a few remain in stock, see below, or visit the Store, 1st Come, 1st Served.  Price is $25/T-shirt, plus shipping.  No more T-shirts will be produced for 2016.  See item 4 b. (2) above to complete CC Auth.

                MXL: 1               M2XL:  2   

6.  Last Chance "Boys & Girls Club" Donations:  Boys & Girls Club of Coachella Valley Volunteers gave up a big part of their long weekend on Fri & Sat preparing & supporting your cycling adventure.  Here's our chance to return the favor!  If you were satisfied with the Vol's efforts all along the route, please Donate to support their club programs.  So far, there have been ZERO online Donations.  About $500 was donated at the event for coffee & sodas at the Boys & Girls Club Booth (Many Thanks!).  Let's turn this around!  Please click through & Donate today.

The event goal of $5,000 has not yet been reached (total event donations are currently about $500). Just think back to your ride, how nice it was to roll into a Rest Stop and have everything you needed ready.  Remember the rousing "Welcome Home" from Vol's at the Finish Line bringing you in with Cheers, Cowbells, and Medals!  Surely many recall that ice cold cup of water at the Finish Line right after you completed your ride.  That was all Boys & Girls Club Volunteers making it happen.
We all routinely tip restaurant servers, even for average service. For most riders, a 15% tip would be about $10-15.  Here's your last chance to express your gratitude to our Wonderful Vol's who provided truly OUTSTANDING service with Genuine Care & Smiles. Please click here to Donate.  Do what you can to help.  Building Goodwill in Coachella Valley benefits all of us!

      2016 Boys & Girls Club Volunteers making PB&J's
      on Friday afternoon, on their day-off from school.

7.  Rider Photos:  Jay Woolwine and his crew have matched thousands of rider photos and Bib #'s.
Here's the link to the Jay Woolwine Photography 2016 PDC page.  Rider photos are posted now.  Emails will also notify riders that photos are ready.  You can search for your photo by Bib #.  There's also a Missing Bib # section.  Wind gusts caused some helmet numbers to come off.  Be sure to browse the Missing Bib # section to locate more images.

8.  Flash Gallery:  You may visit the 2016 Palm Desert Century Gallery.  More photos will be added by Nov 30th. All photos are courtesy of Jay Woolwine Photography.  All photos are Copyright protected.
9.  Feedback:  We always welcome your constructive comments.  Please email your comments & suggestions to Shadow Tour by visiting the contact page.  We're particularly interested in hearing what worked well for you out on the course and what can be improved.  We also encourage input to update the Rider Levels section to improve advice for next year's riders.

10.  Mark your Calendar!  The 13th Annual Stagecoach Century stampede will bust loose on Sat, Feb 18, '17. 

We're most grateful for your support!

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2016 Palm Desert Century
Photo Courtesy of Jay Woolwine Photography




Date:              Saturday, February 18th, 2017
Start:             7:00 - 9:00 A.M. (All distances)
Location:     Start/Finish in Ocotillo, CA
Distances:   26, 50, 73, 84, 90, 100, 150 Miles
Options:       Custom Jerseys & Tec T-shirts
                         100-Mile Solo/Team/Tandem Time Trials
                         150-Mile "Super Century"
Register:      Now Open!  Click here to register.
Limit:            1,000
Riders:          49
Deadlines:  "Best Deal"  Apr 30, '16
                        "Spring Prices"  May 31, '16   
                        "Super Saver"  Jun 30, '16   
                        "Early Bird"  Jul 31, '16
                        "Summer Prices"  Aug 31, '16   
                        "Value Prices"  Sep 30, '16   
                        "Fall Prices"  Oct 31, '16
                        "Good Deal"  Nov 30, '16 
                        "Holiday Prices"  Dec 31, '16
                        "Standard Prices"  Jan 31, '17
                        "Last Chance Online" Feb 17, '17
                        "Last Chance Walk-up"  Feb 18, '17
Details:        Visit Stagecoach Century website 
Discount:     Scroll down to coupons at bottom of email

Event Description: 

Welcome to the
13th Annual Stagecoach Century! Kick off your New Year at America's Wild West cycling stampede! Just 80 miles east of sunny San Diego, CA. Enjoy undisturbed natural scenery, legendary Volunteer support, just 2 lonely stop signs, and low vehicular traffic.  The out-n-back route maximizes rider's distance options.  Mid-January is an ideal season for pristine desert cycling.  Usually cool/cold starts, with warm/sunny finishes.  Temperature, Wind, and Low Humidity can make this "Average" difficulty ride much more challenging!  Fear & Respect have always ridden side-by-side at Stagecoach.  Ride 26-112 miles. Options include Solo, Tandem, and Team Chip-timed Time Trials.  Trophies for Champions in the Men & Women Overall Solo & Team Time Trial.  Riders may ride the Optional 112-Mile extended route, subject to time cut-offs.  At STAGECOACH, it's all about PRIDE.  With great Challenge, comes great Reward.  Make the 13th Stagecoach YOUR YEAR to SADDLE UP! 

Host Hotel:                       Volunteers:


             Saturday, November 11th, 2017 (tentative)

Start:              6:30 - 8:00 A.M. (All distances)
Location:      Start/Finish in Palm Desert, CA
Distances:    20, 32, 50, 60, 70, 100, 130 Miles
Options:        Custom Jerseys & Tec T-shirts
                          Optional 15-Mile Solo Chiriaco Summit TT
                          Optional 130-Mile "Super Century"
Register:      Coming Soon!  Click here to register
Limit:            1,000
Riders:          Tba
Deadlines:   "Best Deal"  Feb 28, '17
                         "Super Saver" Apr 30, '17   
                         "Good Deal"  May 31, '17      
                         "Early Bird"  Jun 30, '17
                         "Summer Prices"  Jul 31, '17
                         "Value Prices"  Aug 31, '17
                         "Fall Prices"  Sep 30, '17
                         "Standard Prices"  Oct 31, '17
                         "Last Chance Online" Nov 10, '17
                         "Last Chance Walk-up"  Nov 11, '17
Details:         Visit Palm Desert Century website 
Discount:     Scroll down to coupons at bottom of email

Event Description: 

The 7th Annual Palm Desert Century is ideally situated in the Fall cycling calendar. You're invited to enjoy this recreational road bicycle event in the low-to-mid elevation deserts of Coachella Valley. The ride has it's Start/Finish in the ultra-cool destination city of Palm Desert, CA. The course is out-n-back, allowing individual riders to select comfortable distances from 20 to 100 miles. There are unique options too. Full Course riders may participate in the Optional Chip-timed 15-mile gentle 1% grade uphill "Chiriaco Summit Solo Time Trial" from Mecca, 180 ft below Sea Level, to Chiriaco Summit, 1,200 ft el. There's also a "Super Century" Option that stretches the course to 130 miles by riding the Chiriaco Summit segment twice, subject to time cut-offs.  There's also a Club Participation Competition, offering cash prizes to Clubs with the most riders.  Mild Fall temps, mostly low traffic roads, and striking desert scenery flanked by the soaring San Jacinto Mts make this yet another marquee "Safe, Scenic and Sensational century ride on roads less traveled" Shadow Tour century experience.  Roll with us & Ride the Dream! 



Title Sponsor:  Tba                   Official Charity        

Host Hotel                                   Event Hotel                        

Sponsor Corner: 

Pearl Izumi: Pearl Izumi is a proud Exhibitor at the Stagecoach and Palm Desert Century rides. Get fantastic factory discounts & close-out pricing on Pearl Izumi apparel & accessories.  Visit the Del Mar Heights store for fantastic discounts & close-outs as well as current year inventory.  Cya there!

Vitalyte: Vitalyte is pleased to continue Sponsorship of all Shadow Tour events.  Ice cold Vitalyte is at every Rest Stop to keep you hydrated & feeling great!

Nite Rider:  Nite Rider has joined Shadow Tour as a Series Sponsor!  Please friend us on Facebook and learn more about our complete line of Technical Lighting products.

Velofix:  Velofix is proud to join as the Official Mechanics for Shadow Tour events. Velofix has the largest fleet of mobile bike shops in America, and growing! Book your service today.  We'll come to your home or office (On-site or Pick up/Delivery) at a time that's convenient to you!   We're happy to assist with Routine Service, Tune-up, or Overhaul so you're ready to tackle Shadow Tour desert century rides! Use Promocode PD2016 and save!

Jay Woolwine Photography:  Jay is the Official Photographer for all Shadow Tour events.  Here's a link to his event galleries.  Be sure to Smile for the camera!

Host Hotels:

Palm Desert Century:   Homewood Suites by Hilton Palm Desert.  Homewood Suites announced it's return as Host Hotel for 2016.  Visit Palm Desert Century web pages for special rates & details.

    Additional Event Hotels:
    Hampton Inn & Suites (Palm Desert)
    Residence Inn Palm Desert by Marriott (Palm Desert)
    Courtyard Palm Desert by Marriott (Palm Desert)

Stagecoach Century:  Host Hotel for 2017:  Hampton Inn San Diego Downtown is proud to be the Official Host Hotel for the 2017 Stagecoach Century.  Visit Stagecoach Century for special rates & details.

Sponsorship Opportunities!  Contact Jim Knight about Sponsorship, Exposure, or Exhibitor information at all Shadow Tour events.
We're most grateful for your support!
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A final Thanks & Congrat's to all Palm Desert Century riders.  You should be justifiably proud of your achievement.  It's also time to Stake your Claim for Stagecoach and score a special Palm Desert Century rider discount.

Stagecoach is a worthy Century goal, adding purpose & focus to your cycling training programs.  Stagecoach is open for registration now. 

                         Register TODAY & SAVE!
    13th Annual 2017 Stagecoach Century, Sat, Feb 18, '17

                       Register Early & SAVE $$$

Please continue riding safely and be especially attentive to all vehicular traffic.  Road Rage is at an all-time high.  Impatient drivers look for any excuse to behave foolishly around cyclists.  We urge you to use a rear view clip-on mirror for enhanced road awareness.  As always, keep way to the right of the white line, ride 100% defensively.  No single finger salutes, or any other form of push-back! Use front & rear flashing lights at all times (Nite Rider makes many excellent models!) to be seen day & nightAlways stay alert & expect the unexpected!          





Jim Knight
Event Director    

Founder/Managing Member

Shadow Tour, LLC   

Editor's Note:  Apologies, in advance, for any mistakes, typo's, oversights, or factual errors in this Newsletter. Please visit ShadowTour.com for corrections, if applicable. As always, I'll work to improve in the future. ~Jim


StagecoachPromocodeEarly movers are rewarded at Shadow Tour events!  We're pleased to offer Palm Desert Century participants a special 15% discount through Nov 30, '16.   Register Today for the 2017 STAGECOACH CENTURY on Sat, Feb 18, '17 in Ocotillo, CA.  Sign up Today & Save!


Enter promocode RODEPDC when you register Online.  It's the very last step, so be careful not to miss it.  The promocode is also valid for Mail-in Registrations. Discount is valid only for Entry Categories.  It may not be combined with other offers, and is not retroactive.

Offer Expires:  Midnight (PST), Wed, Nov 30, '16