Spring 2007: Shadow Tour Updates

Dear Shadow Tour Riders,                                                                                March 31, 2007

We hope everyone is enjoying this nice Spring riding season in Southern California and beyond. Larry and I wanted to connect to communicate several important developments at Shadow Tour and ST Promotions.

1.  Cancellation of Old Highway 80 Century:

After much careful consideration, we have decided to cancel the Old Highway 80 Century on May 12, 2007. This decision was based on numerous safety, operational, and subscription factors. We sincerely regret any inconvenience it may cause our currently registered riders and the communities along the route. Click Here to read our complete news item explaining the cancellation and refund plan in detail.

If the link does not work, please visit our website at www.shadowtour.com and click on the “News” tab then “News and Information” then read the story titled: “Old Highway 80 Century Retired”.

2.  Spring Stagecoach Century:

Sometimes when one door closes, another opens, so we are pleased to announce the creation of a brand new ride called the Spring Stagecoach Century. This ride will follow the same route as the Winter Stagecoach Century, but will be held the first Saturday in April. The premier ride will be on Saturday, April 5, 2008 starting in Ocotillo, CA, following S2 North to Shelter Valley, then and back to Ocotillo. The start/finish area is planned to be at the brand new 3.5 acre Ocotillo Community Park. The park was built with the support of state grants, local volunteer labor, and donations from past Stagecoach Century rides. You’re invited to join us for a great ride and to share in the success of the Ocotillo community in their year-long celebration of the opening of their long awaited community park.

3.  Remodeled Website:

We have teamed up with the fine folks at Active Networks to launch a completely remodeled website. We are excited to offer new elements, like a single comparison chart for all three of our Century Rides and easier to use navigation bars. The open design requires no log-on or passwords. Future upgrades will tighten the continuity and improve page layouts. The project is a work in progress and we welcome your input as we continue development of the site. Overall, we think the new website is an excellent resource for our riders and sponsors.

4.  Refund/Rollover/Transfer Policy:

We recognize the future is always unknown for riders committing to a century months in advance. To help make the decision a little easier, Larry and I are announcing an innovative policy. Beginning with our next ride, the Salton Sea Century, on Saturday, Oct 20 2007 we will offer all paid riders an entirely new Refund, Rollover, and Transfer Policy. This policy recognizes that we all occasionally experience unexpected issues, injuries, hardships, and tragedies that impact our lives, and more specifically, riding plans. To institute a uniform process that helps distributes some of the risks of these unforeseen circumstances, all riders will have the following options relating to their Shadow Tour and ST Promotion paid registrations:

a.  Refund: Riders may request a refund of their Registration fee up to one month prior to the date of the event for a flat $30 fee. Any ordered T-shirts or Jerseys are non-refundable, but will be mailed to the rider at no cost. BBQ/food purchases are not refundable.

b.  Rollover: Riders may roll their exact Registration, T-shirt, Jersey, and BBQ/food options over to the next Shadow Tour/ST Promotions century ride on the calendar (next ride in calendar sequence). The cost of the rollover is $20 and may be done up to one week prior to the date of the original event. Rollover is a one-time use option and may not be repeated at the next ride. All T-shirt, Jersey, and BBQ/food options roll in-kind to the next event.

c.  Transfer: Riders may transfer their exact registration, T-shirt, Jersey, and BBQ/food options to another rider at the same event for which they registered (same date). The cost of a transfer is $5 and may be done up to one day prior to the event.

The specifics on how to process the above transactions will be announced on our new website soon. It’s our intention to help riders get the best price available for all our rides by registering well in advance, while still providing some relief if plans unexpectedly change. As everyone knows, hosting large events are expensive propositions involving permits, police support, remote portajohns, insurance, fuel costs, charitable donations, and operational support.

As with most strong alliances, we think it’s fair that some of the risks associated with participating as a rider and producing a large century ride as an organizer should be shared. This policy was created with three years of experience and rider input. We hope it meets most riders’ needs. We know for sure that anything is better than the flat “Rain or Shine, NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON” policy of most rides in Southern California.

Thanks again to all for participating in our events over the last three seasons. We look forward to seeing you at the premier of the Salton Sea Century ride on Oct 20, 2007, our Fourth annual Winter Stagecoach Century on Jan 12, 2008, and the brand new Spring Stagecoach Century Apr 5, 2008.

Best wishes,

Jim and Larry