Summer 2007: Shadow Tour Founders In Action

Those Shadow Tour Dudes were at it again the Summer of 2007!                                 Aug 1, 2007

In June, Larry and his "Team 60 Going Hard" 4-man 60+ RAAM Team scorched their way across the U.S. from San Diego to Altantic City breaking the old 60+ Team record along the way.  As a measure of the intense competition in RAAM Team divisions, another 60+ team just edged them at the finish to claim victory.  Congrats to Larry, Dennis, Paul, and Walt for their remarkable endurance + speed accomplishment.  Hats off as well to Mike Berry, of the San Diego Century Riders, who managed the support crew efforts through six sleepless days and nights.  For Larry, it was his second successful RAAM appeareance and second podium appearance.   For more details, click here.

In July, Jim completed a solo replica of the 2007 Tour De France, including the six fearsome 400 km stages of the original 1903 Tour De France.  For Jim, it was his third successful Shadow Tour replica of the Tour De France.  For more details and his blog, click here.

Jim and Larry are now both looking forward to the premiere edition of the 2007 Salton Sea Century on October 20, 2007 in Borrego Springs.  In addition to the standard individual format century and half century ride, the event will feature a unique 4 person Ultimate 100 Mile Team Time Trial.  Everyone is invited to join us at this Fall desert adventure ride!  Click here for more information and registration.

Best Wishes,

Jim and Larry

                                         2007 ST Lake Henshaw 2 
                                           Jim at Lake Henshaw, Jul 15, 2007