Registration is now open for the 2007 Wells Fargo Stagecoach Century

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Welcome Stagecoach Riders!

ST Promotions, LLC in conjunction with Shadow Tour, LLC, Wells Fargo, Holiday Inn Select, and AIDS/Lifecycle proudly announce the opening of registration for our Third Annual 2007 Stagecoach Century. This pristine desert ride will be held Saturday, January 13th, 2007, with the Start/Finish in Ocotillo, California, located just off Interstate 8, about 80 miles east of San Diego. This road bike 24/56/100 mile ride takes place on a quiet stretch of road deep in San Diego's East County with just one lonely stop sign for 100 miles! The route parallels the Great Southern Overland Stagecoach Route of 1849. The ride is fully supported with seven rest stops on an out-and-back format with multiple options to ride a variety of distances consistent with your comfort, level of training and personal goals.

There are two ways to enter:

1. Download Registration Form: You can download our 2007 registration form and mail in with your payment (checks only). Please visit our website at

2. Online Registration: You may register online at (credit cards only). Please visit this link:

Last year's ride attracted cyclists from throughout southern California and several western states. The combination of careful planning, safe roads with minimal vehicle traffic, and diverse natural scenery along the course has made this a popular early season ride. Our participation has grown from 177 at our first Stagecoach Century in 2005 to 1,250 in just two years. We are once again pleased to report a nearly 100% completion rate on this moderately difficult course, despite some 'pesky' morning winds.

The full century ride features just over 5,000 feet of climbing elevation. There are three desert pass climbs on the way to the turn-around point and one on the return. The course is gradually uphill to the Shelter Valley lunch stop and gradually downlhill for most of the return ride to Ocotillo. We listened to your feedback from last year -- for 2007 we'll have a full sandwich buffet at the lunch stop and optional post ride BBQ or Pasta meals available for advance purchase. We have also revised the entry pricing to make the 2007 Voler Stagecoach Century jersey completely optional along with several other items. There will be numerous operational improvements, such as tripling the size of Rest Stop #1 to better support your effort and make your cycling experience memorable.

For returning riders, we Thank You for your loyalty and commend you for following your adventurous spirit to our unique ride. We have learned much in our first two years. We're completely confident this year's ride will be the best one yet. Everyone is enthusiastically invited to join us. There's no better way to kick off your cycling New Year! We encourage you to help us spread the word by inviting your cycling friends to spin with you on this incredibly scenic desert ride at the ideal time of year. Please visit our website at for all the details and take advantage of our Super Saver early registration pricing starting at just $55 through October 15th, 2006. For riders ordering jerseys prior to November 19th, we'll have them ready for you at packet pickup. After that date, we will mail jerseys in mid March. The field is limited to 3,000 riders and we expect to fill to capacity, so please sign up early!

Kindest Regards,

Jim Knight and Larry Gitman

Shadow Tour, LLC

Managing Members

Jim's 2006 Solo Shadow Tour Daily Blog

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Jim's 2006 Solo Shadow Tour:

So there's this guy that wanted to ride the TDF, but couldn't quite get onto a team. You see, Jim Knight was 43 years old and stood 5' 8" and had ballooned up to about 215 lbs when he decided to ride the Shadow Tour in 2004. His goal was to replicate the total TDF distances and elevations, but on his home turf--the greater So. Cal. region--and do it in synch with the real deal in France the first three weeks of July. Of course, a genuine Shadow Tour rider does all this fun stuff sans the fancy support and speedy pelaton. And no silly drugs either, just CAC "Cheese Burger and Coke" and some V-8 and E-caps to keep from tipping over in the heat. Jim and Larry Gitman completed the inaugural 2004 Shadow Tour together. 2005 was an off year as Jim and Larry founded a bicycling events company named Shadow Tour. Now Jim's back with a solo effort in 2006--just a few friends joining in for a stage here and there. Longrider Larry Gitman will help out in four of the tough mountain stages. You're invited to check out Jim's daily log below; the data is downloaded from a Garmin 305 GPS Bike Computer.

Jim at the 2005 Furnace Creek 508 about to climb the 5,000 ft Townes Pass at night

Jim at the Idyllwild Summit in the 2006 Shadow Tour

Saturday, July 1st Prologue:

101.74 miles
6:38:22/15.3 avg mph
6,172 feet total acending elevation
136 avg heart rate, Weight 192 lbs

RSF/West Lilac/Coast/RSF.

Toasty day on the So Cal Coast! Thought I'd go a little longer than the official 7.1 km Prologue distance.

Sunday July 2nd Stage 1:

115.11 miles
8:18:38/13.9 avg mph
7,696 feet total acending elevation
121 avg heart rate, weight 192 lbs

RSF/Base of Palomar Mt/Lake Henshaw/Poway/RSF

Larry calls me the inventor of the Modern Pain Management Theory...after today, I better start over from scratch! The base of Palomar Mt has been taunting me for a dozen years. Sometimes I have small victories. I recall a 27 minute scamper a couple years ago, and sometimes--like today, the Mountain just spanks me--today's time was 48 minutes of raw grinding from which I never got my groove back and suffered from mile 52 onward. Back to the coast for a flatter 'recovery' ride tomorrow. Recovery is a relative term, because tomorrow is the second longest day in the tour! More Palomar Mt info:

Monday July 3rd Stage 2:

142.46 miles
8:59:38/15.8 avg mph
5,670 feet total acending elevation
107 avg heart rate, weight 188 lbs

RSF/Hwy 101/Dana Point/Hwy 101/RSF

A nice spin up the coast. Lots of 4th of July weekend tourists made the return very challenging. But it sure was nice to have a 143 mile recovery ride.

Tuesday July 4th Stage 3:

100.14 miles
6:47:17/14.8 avg mph
6,538 feet total acending elevation
105 avg heart rate, weight 190 lbs

RSF/Lilacs Hill/Couser Cyn/Fallbrook/L. Welk/Escondido/RSF

Steady riding on lower hills today. Building up for the major climbs in weeks 2 and 3.

Wednesday July 5th Stage 4:

120.16 miles
7:26:05/16.2 avg mph
4,528 feet total acending elevation
108 avg heart rate, weight 188 lbs

RSF/Coast/San Juan Cap/Coast/RSF

Easy spin up the coast. Weather is cooling off a little, about 82 to 85 F all day.

Thursday July 6th Stage 5:

102.42 miles
6:14:01/16.4 avg mph
5,551 feet total acending elevation
112 avg heart rate, weight 188 lbs

RSF/Bandy Cyn/Santaluz/Coast/Carlsbad/RSF

More low hill climbing. Cool morning, muggy early afternoon.

Friday July 7th Stage 6:

117.31 miles
7:22:31/15.9 avg mph
8,014 feet total acending elevation
116 avg heart rate, weight 185 lbs

RSF/Ramona/Julian/Ramona/Highland Valley/RSF

Transitioned to some higher elevations. Climbed from the coast to Julian (Elev 4,114 ft). Climbed the five mile Ramona hill in 26:04 and the Julian hill from Santa Ysbel in 37:58. Starting to feel positive training effects of riding into shape while on tour. Those lower rollers don't seem to hurt as much as they did a couple weeks ago. Temps were in the 90's--hot and sweaty on the way up then cooled and dried off on the descents. E-caps, Gatorade, Hammer Gels, and V-8's continue to keep cramps at bay.

Saturday July 8th Stage 7:

51.25 miles
3:00:43/17.0 avg mph
1,862 feet total acending elevation
106 avg heart rate, weight 188 lbs


Higher tempo coast ride to simulate individual time trial.

Sunday July 9th Stage 8:

30.38 miles
1:37:44/18.7 avg mph
1,548 feet total acending elevation
121 avg heart rate, weight 188 lbs

RSF/San Dieguito/Santaluz/RSF

Another faster paced ride. Preparing for higher heartrate mountain stages over the next 10 days.

Monday July 10th Rest Day:

127.04 miles
7:45:44/16.4 avg mph
8,300 feet total acending elevation
124 avg heart rate, weight 186 lbs

RSF/Julian/Lake Cuyamaca/Gutay/Descanso Junction/Japatul Rd/Lyons Vly Rd/Honey Springs Rd/Otay Lakes Rd/Palm Av/Coronado/Ferry Landing

Long, hot, day in the saddle. Worked hard on the last 5 miles of the Ramona hill in 23:19, then climbed from Santa Ysbel to Julian in 36 flat. After getting to Julian at 4,100 ft, went up another 500+ to Cayamaca. Lots of westerly winds on the return to the coast. Finished at the Coronado Ferry Landing, had a late lunch, took the ferry back to the San Diego.

Tuesday July 11th Stage 9:

105.45 miles
6:05:46/17.3 avg mph
3,807 feet total acending elevation
107 avg heart rate, weight 186 lbs

RSF/Santa Luz/Del Mar/Coast/San Clemente/Coast/Leucadia

Nice spin on the coast. A couple mechanical issues were fixed by Fred at Leucadia Cyclery. Getting psyched for tomorrow's first climbing stage!

Wednesday July 12th Stage 10:

121.24 miles
8:07:05/14.9 avg mph
8,853 feet total acending elevation
122 avg heart rate, weight 180 lbs

RSF/Ramona/Old Julian Hwy/Julian/Santa Ysbel/Lake Henshaw/East Grade Palomar Mt/South Grade Palomar Mt/Rincon/Escondido/Del Dios/RSF

First day in the "mountains." Went very well, despite bright sunshine from rolloff at 6:30am until completion (normally get SOME haze the first couple hours!). Rode all the intermediate climbs at a strong tempo, but not full speed. Met two very nice Stagecoach Century Vets having lunch at Lake Henshaw--Karla and Greg, I think. They had just climbed the South Grade of Palomar Mountain (names could be wrong as cognitive recall is not at a high point this moment). Temps hit the high 90's on top of the mountain and well over 100 in the Rincon Furnace Bowl. Billy Bob the hotshot pickup truck driver almost took me out about 15 times along today's route. My ribs still hurt from a t-boning I took on June 21st, so am riding with much heightened vigilance. Looking forward to a 4 day point-to-point session starting next week.

Intermediate Climbs:

Ramona Hill (5 miles): 23:48 / Julian Hill (7 mi from Santa Ysbel): 36:20 / South Grade Palomar (11.4 mi): 1:07:03.

Thursday July 13th Stage 11:

100.32 miles
6:05:16/16.4 avg mph
4,832 feet total acending elevation
115 avg heart rate, weight 182 lbs

RSF/Coast/Lilacs/Fallbrook/Lawrence Welk/Escondido/Del Dios/RSF

Weather is starting to heat up inland.

Friday July 14th Stage 12:

200.78 miles
12:14:48/16.4 avg mph
9,000 Est. feet total acending elevation (Garmin shut down after 8 hrs)
111 avg heart rate, weight 178 lbs
Cumulative Distance: 1,535.80 miles

A.M. Phase: 90 miles: RSF/Santa Luz/Coast/RSF

P.M. Phase: 110 miles: RSF/Ramona/Old Julian Hwy/Julian/Banner Grade/Scissors Crossing/S-2 Great Southern Overland Stagecoach Route of 1849/Ocotillo.

I though it was about time to shake things up on the Solo Shadow today's ride will rank as one of my all-time Epic Rides. One of those rides that's just so over-the-top difficult that the body either rises magnificently to the challange or crashes into oblivian. Luckily, I landed on the happy side of those outcomes. Started the day with a nice 90 mile coastie ride to get warmed up. Then shut down for lunch, dip in the spa, telephone call for advice and motivation from Brother Larry, then mounted the bike at 2 P.M. for the real ride of the day--a huge climb up to Julian in the hottest part of the day, on one of the hottest days of this summer, 99F, and a massive 48 mile desert crossing at night on the back side of our Wells Fargo Stagecoach Century Route.

There was also the Friday afternoon traffic flow heading in my direction of travel, which is definitely not recommended here in So. Cal. After getting my legs under me after an hour or so, I was able to crank up the tough Ramona Hill in 23:56 and grind away to the top of the Old Julian Hwy. Around 5:30 P.M. the furnace heat broke and as I climbed up the 7 mile Julian Hill the temps rapidly dropped and for the first time this summer, I recall seeing lots of 10's and 11's on my bike computer even on the steep grades. The final time was 36:44.

I had dinner at Rongbranch, which was mile 142 of the day. Then at 7:00 P.M. a fast and fun descent into the desert as the sun set at my back. Got a friend to follow me across the desert in an SUV providing light and lots of ice cold water, coke, gatorade, starbucks frappacino's, V-8's, and oraginia's. It was a surreal experience to whiz through the darkened desert with tailwinds propelling me nearly effortlessly at 30 MPH for miles and miles, while temperatures rose from 101F at Scissors Crossing (the north end of S-2, elev. 2,400ft) to a high of 104F near the Carizzo Badlands (elev. 200 ft) and then finish at 100F in Ocotillo. Despite all the environmental conditions of heat and altitude, and having riden effectively 15 centuries in a row, it was a wonderful day in the saddle and I will always remember waves of relief at seeing the distant lights of Ocotillo on the final few miles while listening to my ipod blasting out a live recording of Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven.

Jim at Box Canyon, mile 151

Saturday July 15th Stage 13:

31.96 miles
1:55:16/16.6 avg mph
1,328 feet total acending elevation
98 avg heart rate, weight 181 lbs
Cumulative Distance: 1,567.76 miles

RSF/Santa Luz/RSF

An easy spin day after the monster ride yesterday.

Sunday July 16th Stage 14:

109.87 miles
6:46:59/16.1 avg mph
6,500 Estimated feet total acending elevation (Garmin stopped around 6 hrs)
117 avg heart rate, weight 185 lbs
Cumulative Distance: 1,677.63 miles

RSF/Escondido/Lake Wohlford/Rincon/Base of Palomar/Lake Henshaw/Santa Ysbel/Old Julian Hwy/Ramona/Highland Valley Rd/Via Rancho Pkwy/Del Dios/RSF

Today's ride started with some painful saddle sore issues, but turned out to be a very enjoyable ride. Temps were in the low 90's with a thin cloud layer that was just enough to take the burn off. Rode the infamous Base of Palomar Mountain again, and this time did much better than the 48 minute effort earlier in the tour. I rode 33:41 and felt strong most of the way up. Tomorrow is a rest day for the real TDF, but I'll spin 50-60 miles on the coast. Then Tuesday through Friday, I will be on the road for some point-to-point monster mountain climbs. Will update this Blog on Friday when I get back to San Diego.

Plan for Road Trip Mountain Phases:

Tuesday, Jacumba/Pine Valley/Sunrise Hwy/Laguna Mt/Julian/Base of Palomar/Trading Post/Time Trial back up the Base of Palomar and up the South Grade to summit/spin down East Grade. Est. 134 miles, 10,000 ft climbing

Wednesday: Borrego Springs/Montezuma Grade/Warner Springs/Aguanga/371/74/Idyllwild. Est .100 miles, 9,000 ft climbing

Thursday: Idyllwild/Banner/Redlands (El 2,700 ft)/State Route 38 (40 mile climb to Onyx Summit, El 8,440 ft)/Big Bear Lake. Est. 85 miles, 7,000 ft climbing

Friday: Big Bear Lake/Redlands/Temecula. Est. 80 miles, 2,000 ft climbing

Monday July 17th Rest Day:

50.62 miles
3:05:16/16.4 avg mph
1,994 feet total acending elevation
101 avg heart rate, weight 183 lbs
Cumulative Distance: 1,728.25 miles

RSF/Del Mar/Coast/Carlsbad/Coast/RSF

Cool down ride on the coast prior to the three day war in the mountains starting tomorrow. Tomorrow's ride should be the most difficult single day ride I have ever done. WIth a total of well over 10,000 feet of climbing in 134 miles, the ride starts out with a 13 mile climb from Jacumba to Crestline Summit, then staight up the Sunrise Hwy about 12 miles to the 6,000 ft summit of Laguna Mountain, then several hot grinder hills to the 110 mile point at the Trading Post. From there, its time to lighten the bike and prepare for a final timed assault up the base of Palomar plus the entire South Grade to the Summit at 5,200 ft. That's about 4,200 ft in 11.8 miles--which I still think is the hardest climb in California and at least as difficult as the L'Alpe D'Huez. We'll just have to see how this comes out. Will catch up with you on Friday!

Tuesday July 18th Stage 15:

116.53 miles
7:33:37/16.4 avg mph
10,054 feet total acending elevation
112 avg heart rate, weight 184 lbs
Cumulative Distance: 1,844.78 miles

Jacumba/Old Hwy 80/Sunrise Hwy/Laguna Mt/Julian/Santa Ysbel/Lake Henshaw/SR 76/Trading Post/Base of Palomar/South Grade/East Grade/Lake Henshaw

The first day in the mountains proved to be even harder than originally expected. The first 13 mile climb on Old Highway 80 was a nice warm up. From there, I ascended the remaining 10 mile climb up Laguna Mountain with about 1/3 of a camelback of water and half a bottle of gatorade. With some careful rationing, I was able to ride to the summit in 57:51. Then a fast descent to Julian and lunch. Then on to Lake Henshaw where the temperatures had climbed into the low 100's F. Stayed on SR 76 all the way around to the Trading Post in Pauma, which turned out to be mile 91 on the day. Then climbed up the base of Palomar and South Grade to the summit. The climb up the base when very well, 30:51, nearly 3 minutes faster than just two days earlier! The longer South Grade proved to be much harder with 20+ switchbacks and the hot early afternoon temps soaring. I made it to the summit in a total time of 1:25:51. With just over 10,000 feet of climbing on the day, I did a fast descent down the East Grade and called it a day.

Wednesday July 19th Stage 16:

100.79 miles
7:03:52/13.3 avg mph
8,746 feet total acending elevation
106 avg heart rate, weight 184 lbs
Cumulative Distance: 1,945.07 miles

Borrego Springs/Extra 9 miles vic Christmas Circle/Montezuma Grade/SR 2/SR 79/Warner Springs/Aguanga/SR 371/Anza/SR 74/Lake Hemet/SR 243/Idyllwild

Day 2 in the mountains was a stage of wide contrasts. Riding near sea level in the very early morning and finishing nearly a mile above sea level in the late afternoon. The day began at 5:55 A.M. after a relaxing overnight stay at the always classy La Casa Del Zorro Resort. I made the decision to grab 9 extra miles down in the low desert (500 ft above sea level), in addition to the 8 miles to get to Christmas Circle, before my assault up the 10 mile Montezuma Grade. This was not a wise choice. As the sun rose above the mountains, I could feel the radiant heat build minute-by-minute. Mother Nature doesn't hold back in the real desert and Borrego Springs is as real as it gets. When I finally began the climb at 7:06 A.M. the temperature was around 104 F and on the rise fast. I knew if I worked hard, I would soon be 1,000 then 2,000 feet above the desert floor and hoped to outrun the oppressive heat. To my extreme good fortune, a few dispersed high clouds periodically shielded the direct rays of the sun as I climbed out of the valley. This thin margin of relief allowed me to stay focused on the long grind. As I went through 3,500 ft, I recall thinking I was over 3,000 feet above the desert floor and yet remained in imminent danger of heat exhaustion. Then came 4,000 ft and, at last, 4,221 ft and the Montezuma Grade Summit was in sight. Over the top and a fast descent for about 10 miles into a cooler area near Warner Springs. I realized I was dizzy and felt sick to my stomach. I pulled over for a couple minutes, drank some coke, popped two e-caps and almost immediately began feeling better. That extra 9 miles in the desert took me right to the edge, no doubt, and I will not make that mistake again. The rest of the ride up SR371 was characterized by speeding trucks and motorists, lots of afternoon heat, and the residual tiredness from two weeks on Shadow Tour. The final climb up to Idyllwild was fun though. After the summit finish, hung out in Idyllwild, checked out the TDF coverage on at an internet cafe and was bummed to read Floyd Landis had such a hard day in the mountains.

Jim relaxing after the climb at the mountain lodge

Thursday July 20th Stage 17:

91.59 miles
6:21:22/14.2 avg mph
8,902 feet total acending elevation
108 avg heart rate, weight 184 lbs
Cumulative Distance: 2,036.66 miles

Idyllwild/SR 243/Banning/Redlands/SR38/Onxy Summit/Big Bear Lake

Day 3 in the mountains took me to the highest point in the tour. The ride from Idyllwild to Big Bear was potentially on hold due to the fires in San Bernadino. However, the firefighters kept the flames way out in the back country and the fire threat never impacted the ride. The highlight of the ride was the 40 mile climb on SR 38 from Bryant Road El 2,700 ft to Onyx Summit, el 8,443 ft a stage. Once again, Mother Nature, made things interesting by having furnace heat down in Redlands and thunderstorms up near the summit. The slope of the climb was more gradual than the first two days, but the the seemngly endless 40 miles made it a brutal final climb. Once in Big Bear, I got word of the amazing day for Floyd Landis. His stage win meant two things to me: first, Floyd showed that the previous day's collapse on the final climb meant he is human and second, his remarkable comeback the next day proved he's also super human...Great Job Floyd!!!

Friday July 21st Stage 18:

86.63 miles
4:48:35/18.0 avg mph
4,328 feet total acending elevation
98 avg heart rate, weight 183 lbs
Cumulative Distance: 2,123.29 miles

Big Bear Lake/Onxy Summit/Redlands/Return to RSF by car/Afternoon ride in the vicinity of RSF

The return ride from Big Bear featured a fun ascent from Big Bear, El 6,700 back up to the Onxy Summit, El. 8,443 ft. An early start and cooler temps made the climb feel easy. Then the 40 mile return spin to Redlands reminded me that's it's still July down in the valley, and the temps were back above 100F by 11 A.M. From Redlands. drove back to San Diego to complete the mountain adventure. A 30 mile spin in the late afternoon capped the day's riding.

Saturday July 22nd Stage 19:

56.33 miles
3:32:35/18.0 avg mph
2,218 feet total acending elevation
96 avg heart rate, weight 181 lbs
Cumulative Distance: 2,179.62 miles

RSF/Del Mar/Carlsbad/Oceanside/Carlsbad/RSF

An easy spin along the Southern California Coastline. The temps in the 80's with high humidity has the locals sweltering, but somehow, it just didn't have the same effects on me after the last three days of torture. Waited to start my ride until after I saw Floyd Landis smoke the last Individual Time Trial on OLN. His journey will end in a Yellow Jersey in Paris tomorrow. My personal Shadow Tour journey will also end tomorrow, maybe in a yellow cycling cap...and I think I'll have a big, juicy bbq cheeseburger! It's been a blast, thanks for all your support!

Sunday July 23rd Stage 20:

93.80 miles
5:40:20/16.5 avg mph
4,138 feet total acending elevation
106 avg heart rate, weight 179 lbs
Cumulative Distance: 2,2273.42 miles

RSF/Del Dios/Via Rancho Pkwy/SR 78/Ramona/Highland Valley/Via Rancho Pkwy/Del Dios/RSF/Santa Luz/Del Mar/RSF

Whew! Solo Shadow Tour 2006 is at last a Fait Accompli. Thinking my last stage needed just a little excitement, I tossed in a fast ascent up the Ramona Hill in 21:24, with a full compliment of two water bottles and a 70 oz camelbak. The underlying motivation was to get up the hill quickly, so I could halt my eastbound direction and head back to the relatively cooler coast. Yesterday saw temps all across San Diego County setting new records. In Ramona the mercury actually hit 113 F. The paper said an enormous high pressure zone on the west coast is sucking in hot air from the desert and moist air from the Sea of Cortez to create unusually hot and muggy conditions in normally perfect Southern California. Anyway, I got out of there by 10:00 A.M. and figured it was in the mid 90's. Not too many other cyclists out on the roads today. Guess all this heat and humidity takes its toll. Back at the casa, grilled that bbq cheeseburger. I continued the Shadow Tour tradition of donning a yellow jersey at the completion of the ride. There weren't too many media on hand this little celebration, nor was there any congratulatory calls from heads of state. And that's fine by me, all that is justifyably reserved for the real TDF winner. And this year's winner was truly deserving of praise, congratulations to Floyd Landis on his triumph at the 2006 Tour De France!

With the 2006 Shadow Tour safely in the books, the next challenge will be to ride some of the great mountains in the Southwest this fall and winter. Mt Baldy and Mt Evans come immediately to mind. Maybe some three day mini tours to help Larry prepare for his Transcontinental Ride too. The 2007 Wells Fargo Stagecoach Century in January will also be lots of fun to host for our loyal riders. Until then, enjoy your rides and please always ride safe out there!

Best Wishes,


Final Rider Instructions 2006 Old Highway 80 Century

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June 17th, 2006, Pine Valley, CA

WELCOME to the First Annual Old Highway 80 Century. We're glad that you are participating in the inaugural ride; we have done all we can to make this the safest, most beautiful, well-run cycling event on the planet. The following important points will help insure your safety and comfort. Note the ride will take place RAIN OR SHINE. All riders who registered and ordered a jersey on or before the April 24th, 2006 early bird deadline will receive their jersey at packet pickup. Riders who registered and ordered a jersey after the early bird deadline will have it made in the second production run and mailed within 60 days.

1. Wristbands: Please affix the enclosed wristband to either wrist; it serves as your pass to all rest stops.

2. Bib Numbers: At packet pickup, all packets will be sorted by the bib numbers assigned to each rider by and posted on the website under "Riders Lists". In case you forget your bib number, a rider roster with bib numbers will be posted on a board adjacent to the registration tables to allow you to conveniently get your bib number prior to picking up your registration materials.

3. Ride Photos: Brightroom is providing photography. They post their photos by bib number, so BE SURE TO AFFIX THE BRIGHTROOM BIB NUMBER DECAL TO YOUR HELMET BEFORE THE RIDE. This number will simplify the process of locating your photos once they are posted after the event.

4. Lunch Ticket: Please be sure to take your enclosed lunch ticket with you. The ticket is for your included lunch and it must be turned in at the lunch stop at the Jacumba Spa and Resort (81 or 100 miles), or at the Chef's Hat bar-be-que in Pine Valley (53 miles or fewer).

5. Helmets: You must wear a Snell-approved helmet at all times while riding. Please ride on the far right side of the road, single file. BE CAUTIOUS ON THE DESCENTS, there are several areas of rough road surfaces that you need to reduce your speed to safely navigate. There are also some fast descents on the course that require your care and attention. No matter what, do not make any gestures at vehicles-its just not worth risking a vehicle vs. bicycle incident.

6. Red Zones: In designated RED ZONES (potentially hazardous areas) use EXTRA CAUTION. On descents reduce your speed to a max of 20 MPH and stay as far to the right as safely possible.

7. Packet Pickup: All riders may pick up their rider packets on Friday, June 16th, at the Holiday Inn Select located at 595 Hotel Circle South, just off Interstate 8, in Mission Valley (San Diego) from Noon until 10 P.M. OR at the Pine Valley Park from 6:00 to 8:00 A.M. on Saturday, June 17th, 2006. To speed up registration on Saturday morning, please arrive with full water bottles and sufficient energy items to make it to Rest Stop #1.

8. Parking: First come, first served. There is room for just over 100 vehicles inside the 17 acre Pine Valley Park. If the Park reaches parking capacity, find a parking space in the town of Pine Valley. Be sure to park legally and don't block any residence driveways. Carpooling is strongly encouraged.

9. Start Times: Riders are permitted to start from 6:00 A.M. - 8 A.M. on Saturday, June 17th, 2006. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND all riders doing the 100 or 81 mile routes DEPART AT 6:30 A.M. The route is fairly easy out to the Desert Tower turnaround point. The return ride requires significantly more effort due to afternoon prevailing westerly winds and long elevation gains. We have established important course management time cutoffs to insure our event is completed and all riders are off the course by 5 P.M. as required in our permits. Please plan accordingly and follow the instructions of Police, Course Officials, and Volunteers at all times.

10. San Diego County Waivers: All riders must sign the San Diego County Waiver on Saturday morning, even if you pick up your packet on Friday. We know, it's a pain, but no fighting City Hall on this one!

11. Time Cutoffs:

12:00 Noon: Mandatory turn-around at Jacumba Hot Springs and Spa Lunch Stop. Do not proceed to Desert Tower.
1:00 P.M.: Mandatory Left at Boulevard Hwy 94/Old Highway 80 intersection for riders climbing up from Rest Stop 2, meaning the ride distance will be about 53 miles.
3:00 P.M.: La Posta Road closes. All riders must proceed straight on Old Highway 80 back to Pine Valley, meaning the ride distance will be about 81 miles.

5:00 P.M.: All riders must be completed and off the bike course.

12. Rest Stops: This is a partial out-and-back course. One of the rest stops will serve riders going out and coming back, thus providing six opportunities to eat and refuel. Rest Stops will have water, ice, HEED Energy Drink (similar to Gatorade, but with less sugar), Hammer Gel, Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, Clif Bars, Bananas, Fig Newtons, E-Caps (sodium capsules with magnesium and potassium), red vines, and perhaps a surprise treat along the way. Lunch in Jacumba will consist of a Sandwich Buffet with Beef, Turkey, Tuna, Lettuce, Potato Salad, Fruit, and Coleslaw. Bob Mitchell, the owner of Jacumba Hot Springs Spa and Cabana Club, has opened his resort to our ride. His massage therapists are offering riders Chair and Table Massages for $1 per minute. There is also a 10% discount (coupon enclosed) for Day Use of the facilities on Saturday or a future visit. Lunch/Optional Finisher meal in the Pine Valley Park will be a BBQ provided by Chef's Hat Grill.

Rest Stop 1 Mt Empire H.S. (mile 10.9) 6:30 A.M. to 9:00 A.M.
Rest Stop 2 Railroad Trestle (mile 25.5) 7:30 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.

Rest Stop 3 Jacumba Spa (mile 39.1) 9:00 A.M. to 1:30 P.M.
Rest Stop 4 Desert Tower (mile 45.8) 9:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. (NOTE: Water Only)
Lunch Stop Jacumba Spa (mile 52.5) 9:00 A.M. to 1:30 P.M.
Rest Stop 5 La Posta (mile 69.9) 10:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M. (NOTE: RS3 for 53 mi ride)
Rest Stop 6 Mt Empire H.S. (mile 87.0) 12:00 Noon to 4:00 P.M.

13. Routes: The course is configured to allow you to ride any of the following distances with full support.

26 miles: Past Rest Stop 1 to marker and back to Pine Valley.
53 miles: Past Rest Stop 2 to marker in Boulevard and back to Pine Valley.
81 miles: To Rest Stop 5 then straight back to Pine Valley on Old Highway 80.
100 miles: To Desert Tower and back via La Posta Road after Rest Stop 5.

14. Route Markings: Signs, orange traffic cones, spray chalk on the pavement, CHP and Deputy Sheriffs, and traffic monitors. Know your route and don't depend entirely on our signs (due to wind, vandals, etc.). Keep your route cue sheet and map with you on the course at all times.

15. Markets/Deli's: At mile 30.6 when you merge from Hwy 94 onto Old Hwy 80, you'll see a Liquor Deli on the left. Mark, the owner, welcomes cyclists, so if you want soda, Gatorade, or anything not provided at the Rest Stops, carry some extra cash so you can stop at the deli and other markets along the route (Al's Market in Pine Valley and Mike's Market, also in Boulevard). You will also need cash if you wish to upgrade your included lunch at the Jacumba Hot Springs Spa lunch stop. We will provide plenty of food items and water. Sodas can be purchased at the lunch stop and at the finish line.

16. Floor Pumps: Will be available at each Rest Stop and the Lunch Stop.

17. SAG Support: A couple of SAG vehicles will be roaming the course. Wave them down if you have a mechanical failure, need water, or bonk and need to be sagged back to the start/finish.

18. Desert Tower: Your access to the Desert Tower has been prepaid as part of your ride registration. Flip flops will be available for your use there so that you can climb up and view the many interesting sculptures and also climb to the top of the tower for a drop-dead desert view. You will enjoy chatting with Ben Schultz, the Tower's owner as well; he's a real nice guy.

19. Included Lunch: Riders riding less than the 81-mile loop will not have lunch at the Jacumba lunch stop (because they didn't ride that far). Instead, lunch will be provided at the Chef's Hat Grill BBQ at the Pine Valley Park (Start/Finish) between 11:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. by presenting their lunch ticket.

20. Chef's Hat BBQ: Chef's Hat Grill in Boulevard will have a mobile BBQ set up in the Pine Valley Park at the Finish Line. You, your family, and friends are invited to purchase hamburgers, hot dogs, sodas and other items at reasonable prices during and after the ride. Humberto Rodriguez, is the friendly owner and former chef at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. He will be open from 11:00 A.M until about 5 P.M..

21. Telemagica Festival: The Telemagica Art & Music Festival (similar to "Burning Man" will be taking place all weekend near the Jacumba Hot Springs Spa. A promotional piece describing the festival is included with your ride registration materials. You might want to check it out while you are in the area.

22. Ride Momentos: A limited number of jerseys, T-shirts, and hats will be available for purchase after the ride in the Start/Finish area. The items being sold were purchased specifically for on-site sales and will not be used to fill orders. They will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

23. Volunteers: Mt. Empire Men's Club arranged most of the volunteer support from local citizens and students. Our sincere Thanks go out to the President, Dave Whittington and Vice President, Mike Trant for all their hard work. Please be courteous and know these volunteers are giving up their weekend to help you enjoy your ride. Let 'em know you really appreciate their help!

24. Emergency Numbers: If you encounter mechanical or other problems on the course, please call any of the following Shadow Tour staff: Jim (858-692-6220); Larry (858-692-3751); Tom Cody the Bike Mechanic (619-884-4809); Randy (760 801-7203); or Robert (858-518-1815). Cell phone reception is available throughout much of the course.

25. Trash: Please save all your on-route trash (like Hammer Gel Packets and banana peels) and dispose in trash bags located at all rest stops or at the finish.

THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING IN THE 2006 OLD HIGHWAY 80 CENTURY. We hope to see you next year for an even bigger and more elaborate ride. We welcome your feedback on this ride. We are particularly interested in your suggestions with regard to opportunities to improve your ride experience. Please email your comments to us at our website:

Jim and Larry
Managing Members of ST Promotions, LLC

Latest Registration Information

» posted by jeknight2 on May 17, 2006 at 12:58 am

It's Sign-Up Time!


Ride the Historic Gateway to the West

Saturday, June 17th, 2006, Pine Valley, CA

Those Wells Fargo Stagecoach Century dudes are at it again...Jim and Larry invite you join us for the inaugural 2006 Old Highway 80 Century. Traveling along the historic Old Highway 80, in San Diego's east county, the route has just seven stop signs and takes place on a beautiful, low-traffic, stretch of road with numerous sightseeing points and vistas along the course. The ride begins and ends east of San Diego in bike-friendly Pine Valley, CA and is designed to deliver more than your average century... please read below for some of its cool features:

  • Ride starts and finishes under the shade of tall pine trees in the grassy 17 acre laceName w:st="on">PinelaceName> laceType w:st="on">ValleylaceType> laceType w:st="on">CountylaceType> laceType w:st="on">ParklaceType>; feel free to bring your family & picnic gear. DJ Mark Hanson will be spinning the tunes and motivating finishers at the post-ride party!
  • Optional routes of 25, 50, 80, or 100 miles; all riders will receive cue sheets
  • Rider photo service provided by Brightroom Photography, please visit the Old Highway 80 customized site at
  • Varied entry prices w/optional ST Hats, T-shirts, and 4-color sublimated Voler jerseys
  • Enjoy comfortable inland summer temps while cruising at elevations of 3,000 to 4,100 feet.
  • Fabulous rider support includes 5 intermediate, fully-stocked rest stops, plus a lunch stop festival with an included sandwich buffet at the newly remodeled Jacumba Hot Springs Spa & Cabana Club
  • Optional barbeque items will be available at the lunch fest and post ride party at low cost.
  • Here's something you don't see often...our riders can cool off in the outdoor natural mineral spring pool at the lunch fest
  • Riders may wish to catch the unique sights and sounds of the Telemagica Art & Music Festival in Jacumba all weekend, please visit for details and tickets
  • Friendly and supportive volunteers at all rest stops and throughout the course
  • Free parking inside the park (100 car capacity) and in laceName w:st="on">PinelaceName> laceType w:st="on">ValleylaceType>
  • Host hotel is the Holiday Inn Select in laceName w:st="on">MissionlaceName> laceType w:st="on">ValleylaceType>, in San Diego, about 20 minutes west of laceName w:st="on">PinelaceName> laceType w:st="on">ValleylaceType>, call 1-800-Holiday and mention discount code "PVC"
  • Rider packet pick-up at the Holiday Inn Select from Noon to 10:00 P.M. on Friday, June 16th and at the start/finish in Pine Valley 6:00 to 8:00 A.M. on Saturday, June 17th
  • Self-seeded start window for all riders from 6:00 to 8:00 A.M. on Saturday, June 17th
  • Dedicated Police and roving sags throughout the ride
  • Adequate on-course roving medical support
  • Approximately 6,800 feet of climbing over four steady grade climbs between 3 and 8%
  • Ride sponsored by the Mountain Empire Men's Club, benefiting the Mountain Empire High School Scholarship Fund (Mt Empire High School at Rest Stops #1 & 6)
  • Rider limit of 2,000.

SIGN UP NOW at to participate in this one-of-a-kind century!

ST Promotions announces Brightroom as Old Hwy 80 Official Photographer

» posted by jeknight2 on March 23, 2006 at 6:09 pm

ST Promotions is pleased to announce Brightroom will be the official photographer for our Old Highway 80 Century. Please click on the link below to sign up to receive notice of your ride photos as soon as they are ready! Your Bib Number is displayed next to your name on our "Rider List" link on our homepage. The actual Bib Number will be in the form of a helmet sticker which will be inside your ride packet. Be sure to affix the sticker to your helmet so its visible when you ride through the various photo points along the course.

Click Here:

Thanks for joining us!

Jim and Larry

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