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JPEG_ClifBarC            Nite Rider Blk Jpeg 173 x 130
 Pearl Isumi 216 x 42
           Vitalyte 188 x 119    Voler Logo
   Chamois 188 x 66         Homewood Suites           Hampton Inn 187 x 109
    subway 3 200 x 50 Fineline 188 x 29           Team in Training 158 x 77
Sponsorship:  Palm Desert Century Sponsorship Opportunities:  For more details on sponsorships, customized sponsor packages, exhibitor booths, and other exposure opportunities at the Palm Desert Century, please contact Jim by email, or call 858-692-6220.

All sponsorships and exhibitor booths are 1st Come, 1st Served, based on the date payment is received.  To lock in your sponsorship early, please make checks out to "Shadow Tour, LLC" and mail to:

    Shadow Tour, LLC
    Attn: Sponsorship
    13143 Kellam Ct, #41
    San Diego, CA  92130
 Title Sponsor ($2,000 - $5,000)              Holland Cycles Naming rights and logo prominently displayed on primary marketing exposures, priority signage at event, mentions on event emails, premium Friday & Saturday exhibitor booth locations, comps, VIP parking, all standard benefits.
 Presenting Sponsor ($800-$1,500)                Available  
Signage and logo prominently displayed on primary marketing exposures, priority signage at event, mentions on event emails, premium Friday & Saturday exhibitor booth, comps, VIP parking, all standard benefits.
 Exhibitor Saturday Booth ($350)   10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Limited booth availability (max ~20)
Limited electricity (add $50)
Booth locations:  1st come, 1st served (based on date of pymt)
Includes most standard benefits
          1.  Holland Cycles (double booth)
  2.  Pearl Izumi (double booth)
  3.  Nite Rider
  4.  Desert Mirage High School ASB
  Exhibitor Friday Booth ($250)   Noon - 8:00 P.M. (Packet pick up)
Limited availability
Includes most standard benefits 
  1.  Holland Cycles
  2.  Pearl Izumi  
  3.  Nite Rider
  Exhibitor Saturday Booth ($250)   Basic booth only (no other benefits) 
  Link & logo on website ($150)    
  Insert in Rider Goodie Bag ($100) Post card/Flyer/Coupon/Sample  Item must fit easily in 12" x 15" bag
  Custom Sponsor ($400 - $1,000)    Please contact Jim by email, or cal 858-692-6220 to discuss options
Standard Benefits ($250 & above) 1.  Logo/branding on Palm Desert Century website with link to your website.
2.  Link remains live approximately 6 months following date of event.
3.  Logo/branding/limited copy on certain high priority, widely distributed
      email communications with participants, before and after event.
4.  Logo/branding on primary direct mail, print advertisements, and
      brochures where deadlines permit (Title & Presenting take priority).
5.  Logo/branding/limited copy on broadcast emails promoting event
      to internal high quality, low distribution opt-in database.
6.  Logo on 3rd party email promotions (Title & Presenting take priority).
7.  Logo/branding on high traffic website areas, such as homepage.
      Logo/branding on jerseys, t-shirts, and event banners.
8.  DJ announcements during the event. Content, length, and number of
      presentations based on level of sponsorship.
9.  Option to insert coupon, sample, or equivalent in all rider packets.
      Sponsor provides insert item in advance, in sufficient quantity, prior
      to packet stuffing deadline.
10.  Limited sponsor/VIP parking at event
11.  Limited comp'd entries (Title & Presenting only).
12.  Donations of products & services as prizes or giveaways at event. 

  Palm Desert Century Draft Site Plan:
   2012 Palm Desert Century Site Plan