Stagecoach Century

2014 Stagecoach Jersey Front 352 x 428      2014 Stagecoach Jersey Bac 350 x 428


Riders & Future Riders:
Below are the key sponsors for the Stagecoach Century. Without them, this event could not be held. Please visit our sponsors websites to learn more about their outstanding products and services.

Sponsors & Future Sponsors:
Thank you for your interest in associating your high-quality goods or services with our event. Listed below are sponsorship opportunities available for the Stagecoach Century.  We understand the challenges of marketing in today's competitive environment. That's why we encourage you to review our highly targeted sponsorship opportunities.


We invite you to join us as a true partner at our event, let us show you how we can help create tangible results in return for your sponsorship. Our sponsorship goal is to promote your product or service in a professional manner to all participants and potential participants Stagecoach Century and where possible, create measurable results. We encourage non-cycling-focused sponsor candidates to consider associating with this premier event to derive wider community and healthy-living exposure. You'll be partnering with one of the top century rides in America, and one that is becoming recognized as possibly the finest century ride in America. There are numerous channels to consider for your message and budget. Some are listed below. Please call or email Jim for more details, or a customized sponsorship package.


Stagecoach Century Title Sponsorship:

     1. Slots available:    1
     2. Key benefits:       Naming rights with signage and logo prominently displayed on all communications at
                                 the event, Friday booth + presentation, Saturday booth, all standard benefits
     3. Price:                 $15,000 (charitable contribution/cash/in-kind)


Stop Sign Level Sponsorships:


     1. Slots available:    5

     2. Key benefits:       Logo/branding, Fri booth + presentation, Sat booth, all standard benefits

     3. Price:                 $5,000 (charitable contribution/cash/in-kind)


Level Sponsorships:


     1. Slots available:      5

     2. Key benefits:         Logo/branding, Fri booth + presentation, Sat booth, all standard benefits

     3. Price:                   $2,000 (cash/in-kind)

      Nite Rider Blk Jpeg 173 x 130  Vitalyte 188 x 119  DoubleTree San Diego   Voler Logo

Agua Caliente Level Sponsorships:


     1. Slots available:     5

     2. Key benefits:        Friday and Saturday booth space, all standard benefits

     3. Price:                  $400 (cash/in-kind) 

     Fineline 188 x 29   


Box Canyon Level Sponsorships:


     1. Slots available:    5

     2. Key benefit:        Friday booth space only

     3. Price:                $300 (booth only, cash)

     Pearl Izumi Gif Cropped 170 x 156

Shelter Valley Level Sponsorships:


     1. Slots available:    10

     2. Key benefit:        Saturday booth space (10 foot x 10 foot)

     3. Price:                 $250 (provide own canopy/pop-up tent, cash)

    So Cal Coasters 180 x 108  Semper Fi Fund Logo 172 x 165  Leucadia Cyclery       Dent Dude  

Ocotillo Level Sponsorships:


     1. Slots available:    5

     2. Key benefit:        Rest stop sponsorship/branding

     3. Price:                $500 (provide own banners/branding, cash)

      Chamois 188 x 66  Her Chamois Buttr

Sweeney Pass Level Sponsorships:

     1.  Slots available:  10
     2.  Key Benefit:      Link & Logo displayed on Stagecoach Century website
     3.  Price:               $250 (provide Link & Logo, cash)

      Ranch Cycles

Campbell Grade Sponsorship:

     1. Slots available:    20

     2. Key benefit:        Include coupon or equivalent in rider packet

     3. Price:                 $200 (provide own coupon/sample, cash) 


Friends of the Stagecoach Century:


      BAI 187 x 61  Bike Switzerland


      Riders receive a 10% discount at Butterfield Ranch Resort. Call to book.


Standard Sponsor Benefits ($250 & above):  Sponsorship level determines availability, priority, and placement for logo/branding opportunities. 

  1. Logo/branding with clickable link to your website. Link remains live through date of event.
  2. Logo/branding on certain high priority, widely distributed email communications with participants.
  3. Logo/branding on print advertisements, media, and brochures where deadlines permit.
  4. Logo/branding on broadcast emails promoting our event to our high quality, low distribution opt-in databases.
  5. Logo/branding on specific high traffic website areas, such as "Rider List".
  6. Logo/branding on jerseys, t-shirts, and event banners.
  7. Professional DJ announcements all day during the event. Content, length, and number of presentations based on level of sponsorship.
  8. Invitation to Sponsor/VIP reception
  9. Option to insert coupon, sample, or equivalent in all rider packets. Sponsor provides insert item in sufficient quantity prior to packet stuffing deadline.
  10. Priority sponsor/VIP parking at event
  11. Limited comp'd entries available for sponsors based on level of sponsorship.
  12. Donations of products and services as prizes and giveaways during the promotional period and at the event.