I.  Refund/Rollover/Transfer Policy:

                             <<<<<< UPDATE: June 9th, 2014  >>>>>>

     Abusive Rider vs. Staff/Volunteer confrontations continue to occur at Shadow Tour events!

     A few misguided Riders are not reading this lenient Refund/Rollover/Transfer Policy.  In the
     final week, and especially at Fri & Sat rider packet pick-up, some riders are rudely & furiously
     insisting on whatever action they deem appropriate for their individual circumstances,
     irrespective of Policy guidelines, deadlines, fees.

     Rude, Abusive, and Rage behavior WILL NOT BE TOLERATED at Shadow Tour events!

     Staff & Volunteers have been subjected to unacceptable conflict & anger long enough.

     This 9-year Policy has been placed under Final Review and will likely be rescinded on Dec 31, '14

     I intend to rescind this Policy in it's entirety, and replace it with the rigid Industry Standard of:

     - Jim Knight
        Event Director


We recognize the future is always unknown for riders committing to a century ride months in advance. To help make the decision a little easier, Shadow Tour implemented an innovative policy.  We offer all paid riders Refund, Rollover, and Transfer options.  This policy recognizes that we all occasionally experience unexpected issues, injuries, hardships, and tragedies that impact our lives, and more specifically, riding plans.  To institute a uniform process that helps distribute some of the risks of these unforeseen circumstances, paid riders have the options below for their Shadow Tour registrations.  Comp'ed/donated entries are not eligible. 


a.  Refund:

Riders may request a refund of their Registration fee up to one month prior to the date of the event for a flat $30 fee, which will be applied to the net refund.  Optional items are refundable. Any processing fees charged by Active.com are non-refundable.   Refund forms must be mailed and postmarked not later than one month prior to the original event date.

        b.  Rollover:

Riders may roll their exact Registration, including all optional items, over to the next Shadow Tour/ST Promotions ride indicated on the Rollover form. The cost of the rollover is $20 and may be requested up to two weeks prior to the date of the original event.  The Rollover option is for a single use and may not be repeated at the next ride.  Rollover forms and new event application must be completed, mailed and postmarked not later than two weeks prior to the original event date.

        c.  Transfer:

Riders may transfer their exact registration, including any optional apparel items and BBQ/food purchases to another rider at the same event for which they registered (same date).  The cost of a transfer is $5 and may be done up to one day prior to the event.  The Transfer may be done by mail or in person at the Friday packet pick-up the day prior to the event.

2.  Process:  Link to Refund/Rollover/Transfer process (click here).

3.  Summary:  

It’s our intention to help riders get the absolute best price possible for all our rides by registering well in  advance, while still providing some relief if plans unexpectedly change.  As everyone knows, hosting large events are expensive projects involving permits, police support, remote port-a-johns, insurance, high fuel costs, volunteer expenses, pre-ordered apparel items, charitable donations, and operational support.

As with most strong alliances, we think it’s fair that some of the risks associated with participating as a rider, and producing a large century ride as an organizer, be shared. This policy was created with years of experience and rider input.  We hope it meets most riders’ needs.  We know, for sure, that anything we offer is better than the flat “NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON” policy of most rides in Southern California.

4.  Policy Updates (6-9-14): 

    a.  Policy Updates:  First and foremost, follow the policy as written and comply with deadlines. Please don't call, email, or confront staff/volunteers insisting on modifications. We literally close the books on each option exactly on time. Allowing exceptions is unfair to other riders who comply with the policy and deadlines.  Shadow Tour will not be pulled inside your hardship situation at the last minute. This entire policy is our genuine attempt to provide a fair-minded, staggered set of options to help riders when plans change unexpectedly. But it's not meant to be a universal solution.  Most other rides have a rigid "No Refund for any reason" policy.  Because we feel that such a policy is too harsh, we created our own innovative solution.  Although implementation of our more liberal policy is highly labor intensive, we plan to maintain it as long as riders don't abuse it.  Over the past few years, numerous riders have aggressively insisted we modify the policy for their own unique situations. This has occurred on every ride we produce, but we continue to treat these as rare and misguided incidents.  We will not tolerate any form of aggressive/abusive language or actions.

Update on 6-9-14:

Abusive Rider vs. Volunteer/Staff confrontations continue to occur, as of the 2014 Fiesta Metric Century.  These rage incidents WILL NOT be tolerated!  As of Jun 9th, '14, Shadow Tour has placed the Refund/Rollover/Transfer Policy on a 6-month final reassessment, ending Dec 31, '14. It's very likely this policy will be recinded, in it's entirety, adopting the industry standard "NO REFUND FOR ANY REASON".

    b. Forms:  Incomplete, illegible, and unsigned forms will not be processed, but will be returned to the rider for correction.  Emailed and faxed forms will not be processed or returned. Forms postmarked after deadline dates will not be processed or returned.

    c.  Exceptions:  We continue receiving calls and emails from riders requesting individual exceptions to these policies.  Most of these contacts occur the week of, day prior, or even day of, the event, when organizers are least available.  To save everyone time and to reinforce the intention of this policy:


II.  Standard Shadow Tour Liability Waiver:

In consideration of acceptance of this entry, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, my executors and administrators, waive any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against all participating coordinating groups, and any individuals associated with this event, their representatives, successors and assigns, and will hold them harmless for any and all injuries and/or damages suffered in connection with this event.  I have been warned that bicycling is a dangerous sport and that I must be in good health to participate in this event. I must obey all traffic laws and wear a helmet while participating in this event. In filling out this form, I acknowledge I have read and fully understand my own liability and do accept the restrictions.  I further have read and accept the Shadow Tour Refund, Rollover, and Transfer policy and all other event policies.   ST Promotions will not be liable for undelivered emails due to spam filtering or any other cause for non-reciept of emails from any entity associated with the Salton Sea Century.  All photographic and video rights are reserved.  Children under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian sign on their behalf.

III.  Registration Notes:

Stagecoach Century:

    1.   Ride takes place rain or shine, wind, heat, or cold 
    2.   Refunds, Transfers, and Exchanges are permitted per the Shadow Tour Policy 
    3.   Lunch in Shelter Valley is INCLUDED with all rides (Shorter Course riders receive lunch at the finish) 
    4.   Post-Ride Pasta Meals are OPTIONAL $12 in advance, $15 Fri/Sat 
    5.   Voler Jerseys:  Riders ordering jerseys by Nov 15 will receive them at packet pick-up. 
          After Nov 15, riders ordering jerseys receive them by mail in Mar (free shipping). 
    6.   T-shirts: Riders ordering T-shirts receive them at packet pick-up. Refunds issued if sizes run out.
    7.   All riders register as individuals, online or by mail, this includes tandems, teams, and clubs 
    8.   All riders select, in advance, the location for the included lunch meal, Shelter Valley -OR- Ocotillo.
    9.   Individual / Team Time Trial is optional.  There is no additional fee for Time Trial participation.
    10. Unclaimed Gear Bags/Jerseys/T-shirts:  Will be returned upon receipt of $10 to cover shipping expenses.

Palm Desert Century:

    1.   Ride takes place rain or shine, wind, heat, or cold 
    2.   Refunds, Transfers, and Exchanges are permitted per Shadow Tour Policy
    3.   Lunch Meal is INCLUDED with all ride distances
    4.   Carefully review prices & associated deadlines.
    5.   Short Course Riders may not ride Full Course.  Upgrades may be made at the Start ($15).
    6.   Riders receive instructions and weather conditions by email from (support at shadowtour dot com)
    7.   Jerseys:  Riders purchasing Jerseys by Sep 9 will receive them at packet pickup. After Sep 9, riders
          purchasing jerseys are part of the 2nd Production Run, which will be mailed in Jan.
    8.   T-shirts:  Riders purchasing T-shirts receive them at packet pick up.  Refunds issued if sizes run out.
    9.   All riders register as individuals, online, or by mail, this includes tandems, teams, and clubs
    10.  Chiriaco Summit Time Trial is optional for Full Course riders. No additional fee.  Subject to time cut-offs.
    11.  130-Mile "Super Century" is optional for Full Course riders.  No additional fee.  Subject to time cut-offs.
    12.  Unclaimed Gear Bags/Jerseys/T-shirts:  Will be returned upon receipt of $10 to cover shipping expenses

Fiesta Metric Century:

      1.  Ride takes place rain or shine, wind, heat, or cold
      2.  Refunds, Transfers, and Exchanges are permitted per Shadow Tour Policy
      3.  Post-ride Mexican Buffet at the Finish Line is included with all distances
      4.  Optional Extra Post-ride Mexican Buffet Meal(s) are $15 in advance, $18 Fri/Sat, subject to availability.
      5.  Voler Jerseys:  Riders ordering jerseys by Apr 16 will receive them at packet pickup.
           After Apr 16 riders ordering optional jerseys will receive them by mail in Dec (free shipping)
      6.  T-shirts:  Riders receive included T-shirt at packet pickup.   Unclaimed t-shirts will be mailed
           upon receipt of $7 for shipping.  
      7.  All riders register as individuals, online, or by mail, this includes tandems, teams, and clubs
      8.  Unclaimed Gear Bags/Jerseys/T-shirt:  Will be returned upon receipt of $10 to cover shipping expenses. 

IV:  Coupons and Discounts:

From time-to-time Shadow Tour will promote various discounts and coupons for savings associated with events.  The discounts have various deadlines.  Discounts and coupons apply only to the Entry Fee, are not retro-active, and no credits will be issued.  Offers may not be combined and all offers expire the date of the event.