Stagecoach Time Trial

Stagecoach Time Trial Overview:

Updated 12-18-'11

This section provides a general overview of the Stagecoach 100-Mile Time Trial (TT).  The TT Rules and Team Formation Process are posted and take precedence over these guidelines.  From time-to-time, the TT Rules are updated with changes.  Each TT Rider needs to check them periodically.

As with any extreme test of athletic endurance, this TT will have safety as it's primary concern. The rules help insure not only a level playing field for all competitors, but a safe way to share the road with vehicles and other riders. When in doubt, follow the Fireweed 400 motto: "Safety First, Fun Second, Success third".

The Stagecoach Century Team Time Trial is limited to these categories, collectively referred to as "TT Riders":

   A.  FOUR-PERSON TEAMS (riding together)
    B.  TWO-PERSON TANDEM TEAMS (no substitutions)
    C.  SOLO  (Individual)

In all categories, TT Riders are riding against the clock, not racing other TT Riders.
  This is NOT a race, nor a relay, nor are relays permitted anywhere on the course. The venue capacity for TT Riders is initially capped at 60. The TT format is NO DRAFTING, except within, and among, members of a single 4-person team. This means TT Riders may not draft other TT Riders, nor individual riders, nor Tandem Teams, nor groups of individual riders--also just as in the Tour De France.

The Stagecoach route is open to local vehicle traffic. TT Riders must obey all traffic laws at all times. That means when TT Riders encounter stop signs, the entire team must come to a full stop before proceeding and obey all instructions of CHP Officers. 

TT Riders must read and abide by the
TT Rules.  Breaking traffic laws and/or navigating in an unsafe or aggressive manner will result in disqualification. Inside designated Red Zones the speed limit for all teams and riders is 20 MPH -- no exceptions.  For less serious rule infractions, time penalties will be levied by the Timing Marshal and Course Marshals.

Start:  TT Riders start may, optionally, ahead of the main field, from 7:00 - 7:10 A.M.  Check-in with the Timing Marshal beginning at 6:30 A.M.  TT Riders MAY START UNTIL 9:00 A.M., but MUST check-in with the Timing Marshal at the Start to validate TT Forms and receive timing chips.  By accepting a timing chip, each rider agrees to return it at the conclusion of the event.  Riders who lose, or have missing timing chips, are responsible for an $85 chip replacement fee.   The default Start time of 7:00 A.M. will be used for TT Riders starting later, who do not check-in before rolling. 

Finish:  It is the responsibility of the TT Riders to slow down prior to making a safe left turn into the park from S2 at the Finish.  Immediately after crossing the Finish Line, check in with the Timing Marshal at the Timing Booth (adjacent to the Finish Line) to turn in chips and have wristbands validated.  See the TT Rules for more details.  TT Riders need to plan ahead for the finish. When making the final approach into the finish chute (using caution), TT Riders must SLOW DOWN and STOP immediately after crossing the line (timing mat). Then dismount the bicycle and check in with the Timing Marshal. 

Always keep a cool head out there.  If there's a concern, calmly approach the Timing Marshal and explain your situation.  Flaming the Timing Marshal, or any volunteer, or staff member, will result in a DQ, and a Lifetime ban from future Shadow Tour events.