STAGECOACH VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  These days, a great ride doesn't happen by chance! In reality, much of what creates a memorable riding experience is made possible by the quiet heroes--volunteers. We understand how critical their contribution is to supporting riders of all levels. Great volunteers know riders are battling a supreme physical challenge and need friendly and professional support to keep it going.

A century ride remains one of the longest single-day sports events for amateur athletes. Which means a 100+ mile long logistics train. This is no easy task, even under ideal conditions, but the Stagecoach Century, by necessity, is held in a remote area in east San Diego and Imperial Counties. It's infamous for unpredictable weather patterns. So, it's even more important to plan well ahead for an organized logistical support system. We'll have everything in place prior to the ride. On ride day we need to transition and delegate the final steps to our terrific volunteers and team leaders.  It's the volunteers who are on the ground, face-to-face with the participants, who will actually put everything into play. We are looking for can-do workers, who can think on their feet and react to the changing flow of riders and rider needs during the day.

We could sure use your help! We're looking for energetic, reliable volunteers to help with a wide variety of tasks associated with our event. Below are the critical functional areas. If you're interested, please send an email to Jim with your name, city, telephone and what area interests you. We'll provide you with a cool volunteer t-shirt and a meal at the ride. But we know most of the reward will be derived from the interactions you'll have with some very nice (and tired) riders out on the course. They appreciate you and so do we!


  1. Registration: Assist with processing rider packet for up to 3,000 riders. Includes stuffing packets, signing in pre-registered riders, accepting registrations of new riders, handing out rider packets, t-shirts, and jerseys.
  1. Thursday, Jan 14, '10: Packet stuffing/pizza party. 6:00-8:00 P.M. Mission Valley Resort Ballroom, San Diego
  2. Friday, Jan 15, '10: Packet pick-up Mission Valley Resort, Noon to 8:00 P.M.
  3. Saturday, Jan 16, '10: Morning packet pickup and day-of-event registrations. Ocotillo Recreation Center (Community Park), 6:45 A.M. to 9:00 A.M.
  1. Course Marshals: Key volunteers working closely with event directors. Responsible for wider aspects of the event. Prior event director level expertise is highly desirable!
  1. Rest Stops:
  1. Start/Finish: Ocotillo 

    Desert Volunteers of Ocotillo, 2010 host.

  2. Rest Stop #1: Near Carrizo Badlands Overlook on CR S2, about mile 10.5 of the ride.
    Team in Training, San Diego/Hawaii Chapter, 2010 host.
    Boy Scout Troop 319, La Mesa
    Webelos Pack 319, La Mesa
  3. Rest Stop #2: Near Aqua Caliente, mile 25 of the ride.
    Knickerbikers of San Diego, 2010 host. 

  4. Rest Stop #3: Box Canyon Overlook, mile 37 of the ride.
    Shelter Valley Citizens Corp., 2010 host.
  5. Lunch/Rest Stop: Lunch/Rest Stop, mile 42 of the ride in Shelter Valley.

    Shelter Valley Citzens Corp., 2010 host.

  6. Turn-around:  At 50 mile point on San Felipe Grade, 8 miles north of Shelter Valley.
    Shelter Valley Citizens Corp., 2010 host. 

   4. Event set up/tear down crews

  1. Ocotillo, Thursday 11:00 A.M. to 5 P.M.
  2. Ocotillo, Friday all day
  3. Ocotillo, Saturday afternoon/evening

   5.  Course sweep vehicles and drivers

   a. South Course: Ocotillo to Agua Caliente
   b. North Course: Agua Caliente to Shelter Valley to turn-around point

   6. Timing Marshal and Check Point Marshals:

           a.  Manage all timing, judging, and validation aspects of the 100 mile Team Time Trial
           b.  Primary locations: start/finish in Ocotillo and key points, to include the 50 mile
                turn-around near Shelter Valley.